What you think and feel becomes your truth, so positivity is preferable to negativity. But at some point, each of us will have negative thoughts and feelings triggered by something – perhaps frustration with a work colleague or a member of your family or a call centre. We all have times when spontaneous negative thoughts take over our rational mind. But when your mind and emotions—such as anger, hate, despair, and guilt—run out of control repeatedly, there can be negative consequences for you as well as the people in your life.

If you have outbursts of negative emotions, you may:

·      Upset your friends and family creating rifts and destroying relationships

·      Become upset with yourself, even ashamed of having negative thoughts

·      Feel exhausted and lack vitality after emotional outbursts

·      Find your blood pressure rises, and your heart flutters – similar to a panic attack

If you suppress and bottle up your feelings:

·      You can constantly feel frustrated

·      Anger can churn inside you causing health issues such as ulcers and digestive problems

·      You feel generally miserable and under par

·      You may feel misunderstood or ignored

Where do these unwanted thoughts and emotions come from?

From a spiritual healing perspective, every hurt, trauma or upset you experience will leave an imprint or scar on your spiritual energy – your soul. These imprints hold the memories of the pain you experienced and any emotion that you felt at the time. As time goes by you will naturally heal most of these imprints: you forgive and move on, and you no longer get angry with the situations or people that caused the harm. But there will be some that stick!

You can also inherit imprints from your parents and ancestors. I have cleared several clients of anger that has been passed on from generation to generation.

How to prevent negative feelings from repeating

When you experience a trauma at any age, even in the womb, the resulting imprint, locked in memories, can be with you for years to come. An imprint and its stored emotions can flare up at any time when triggered, creating negative thoughts and feelings. For example, if someone talks over you, doesn’t seem to respect you or is overbearing, you may feel a surge of emotions and thoughts bursting up. You may either vent them uncontrollably or push them down – neither way deals with the underlying problem. The solution is to heal the imprints that hold these emotions. Healing is the transformation of energy from a low vibration to a higher one and it can work on all your imprints.

What can you do to release your emotions without harm?

Apart from old imprints that can bubble up at any time, there will be situations that cause your emotions to get the better of you. Without doubt, it’s better to express and let out your feelings rather than bottle them up and storing them away where they become toxic and harmful to you. However, as you know, shouting out what you feel to those that trigger these feelings will do you more harm than good, destroying relationships, upsetting innocent people and causing mayhem in the office and home!

So, how can you let these feelings out harmlessly? How do you vent the anger caused by any of the many situations that occur in your day or that are simmering away from past insults or abuse?  Are you dealing with any of these issues?

·      Feeling pain from the way you have been treated in your childhood, if it is still stored inside then it can be toxic, you need to let it out

·      Suffering heartache from being abandoned, rejected, or abused by someone close to you

·      Family or friends who anger you with their lack of respect or consideration of your feelings or needs

·      Frustration caused by customer support personnel locked into a fixed process and showing no flexibility

·      Thoughtless or selfish acts of your partner or work colleagues

·      Anger caused by the actions of narcissistic and ego-driven world leaders

·      Anger at injustices and cruelty to people and animals.

My favourite way to express negative feelings is to have a burning ritual. Use this for past injustices or current situations. Just follow these simple but highly effective steps.

1.     Write down your thoughts with no holds barred. You can swear and shout into the paper as you write, have no inhibitions.

2.     Write until you have nothing left to say. The energy of your emotions passes from you into the paper.

3.     Burn the paper. As you see your hurt, anger and frustration going up in smoke and flames say, “I release all that hurts me. My negative feelings are now transformed into light now, right now, right now”.

4.     Congratulate yourself for releasing your pent up and suppressed toxic energies and transforming them into light. Well done.

Here is another method, this one is used by American Indians:

1.     Take a pebble or stone

2.     Speak or shout your feelings into the pebble

3.     Hurl the stone over your shoulder as far as you can, preferably into the sea, a river or waste land.

American Indian children were taught not to pick up a stone from the ground without asking permission from the spirit of the stone first. This was to ensure they were not picking up other people’s discarded misery!

Whatever method suits you just remember that when it comes to negativity, it’s most definitely better out than in.


Anne Jones is an international spiritual healer, teacher, and author of seven books translated into 18 languages. Her books include the best seller ‘Healing Negative Energies’. Anne gives seminars and personal sessions clearing emotional blocks, releasing past life imprints, recovering self-worth and improving relationships. She has developed a training course for healers using energy symbols and supporting products including Oracle Cards and Symbol Jewellery. Anne is also the lyricist of ‘Artaban the Musical’, which debuted in the West End in 2021 and will be launched as a film late this year. Anne is also founder of the charity Hearts and Hands for Africa. Her latest book is ‘How to Heal’, published on 21st March 2022. For further information on Anne’s work:




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