Regenerating Collagen Gel

Resultime Regenerating Collagen Gel Review

As seen in Vogue Magazine,  the Regenerating Collagen Gel by Resultime by Collin Paris  is what I would describe as a high end beauty product. The smooth collagen enriched formula promises to fight the signs of aging and improve imperfections to skin. It can be used in a number of different ways such as: a pre moisturizer gel, a moisturizer, a sleep mask, an after sun mask, a night treatment, honestly the list just goes on and on. But does High end always mean best buy?

In the past I’ve suffered problems with my skin such as acne, which although has now cleared up it has left me with plenty of embarrassing scars, but that was just one problem!  I’ve tried every moisturizer that Boots and Superdrug stock, I even started trying out Estee Lauder and other expensive creams. As usual my dry skin would never be fully moisturized, I would just get a greasy layer on top of my skin that would cause the acne to flare up.

The result:

On the morning the courier bought it round beautifully presented in a bright pink box I almost couldn’t contain myself! After using just one application I really was truly amazed. It smells wonderful and has a cool, silky texture to it. The best part- I don’t have to hunt around for moisturizer anymore, I don’t even need it My skin has never been better and I have even used it on my shoulders to fade acne scars. I apply it in the evening as a sleep mask and wash off in the morning and then I’m ready to go.

Would I buy the product again?  Definitely!

About Resultime

Resultime, one of the best kept beauty secrets, is a result-driven, sophisticated skincare brand, offering a complete salon treatment range and homecare line that specialises in anti-ageing.
A focus on constant innovation allows us to offer you a comprehensive arry of high-performance treatments and products to give you the means to achieve better skin for life.

Resultime are created patented active ingredients such as Vectorised Micro- Collagen to offer you treatments and products that correct and maintain your skin.
We believe in our products, and we felt that the best way to show this was to feature women on our website who love, live and breathe the brand, women of all ages and skin types that use our products every day and really believe in them, thanks to the results they have experienced first-hand.

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