The Return of the Games Arcade to the Streets of London

The Return of the Games Arcade to the Streets of London

Nowadays, we assume that arcade – the neon-powered gaming paradise of the ’80s and ’90s – is long gone. At least, it used to be. In the past few years, though, it has made a comeback in a very unique way.

The arcade has been modernized to appeal to adults – the very people who grew up playing in them. In fact, the arcade has also gone through a digital revolution. Thanks to the internet and the ever-connected mobile tech, online gaming sites are becoming massively popular, allowing for classic arcade games and new ones alike to thrive in a new market.

A Return to Brick and Mortar

There have been several arcade franchises popping up all over the place, though they aren’t exactly what you would expect. These arcades are being marketed to adults and termed “barcades.” They are essentially restaurants that serve a variety of drinks, and also have tons of arcade games. The classic experience is on in full force at these locations, including machines that give tickets that can be exchanged for prizes.

Barcades often have classic arcade games alongside new ones. There are classic rail shooters, racing games, and even arcade-cabinet versions of apps like Fruit Ninja. These places are excellent renditions of the classic arcade experience, and now they’ve been tailored to adults. That doesn’t mean only adults can enjoy them, though. Kids will still get a ton of fun out of them, and the parents can have a drink or two while enjoying some of their favourite childhood games.

Internet Arcades

Of course, the internet is where the biggest arcade revolution is happening. There have been dozens of flash game sites for years, which were essentially digital arcades in and of themselves. There are also sites like Internet Arcade that have a huge collection of classic arcade games. There are also other sites that try to create a spin on arcade-like games. Casino sites are a good example of this. A popular arcade trope is to create a game centred around a popular movie or TV franchise. Casino sites have recently adopted this habit and often create games based on blockbuster movies like Indiana Jones or Jurassic Park. Mr Smith casino is an online slots UK provider that does just that. Their site has dozens of games themed after old school 8-bit arcade games as well as popular franchises, including Game of Thrones and the pixelised Flame Busters. It isn’t the only site that does this, though. It’s a common theme among many slots sites.

The Perfect Arcade is Waiting for You

Whether or not you like physical arcade machines or digital ones, there is an arcade experience out there for you. Physical arcades offer more nostalgia, but digital ones offer a lot more convenience and options. Which one is best for you ultimately depends on what you are looking for.

The best thing about the rise of arcades is the fact that a whole new generation can be exposed to them. Kids these days now have abundant access to old and new arcade games, and it’s possible that the arcade experience could live on for a very long time now.