Chic ways to re-use flowers

My favourite part of spring is seeing the plants bloom into beautiful colours, and it reminds us that the warm weather is just a little bit further away.

Bouquets of sweet smelling flowers are a beautiful edition to anyone’s décor until start to wilt, day by day until there’s nothing left to do but do the unthinkable for any flower lovers. You don’t have to throw them away; there are plenty of chic ways to re-use flowers that mean they can have a place with you for just a little longer.

large daisies

Frame your flowers

Decorate the walls of your house with your left over flower heads to add an elegant touch to your interior.

rose salt scrub

Create bath salts

Add the petals of your favourite flowers to your salt scrub, any from the shops will work but why not make your own?

rose potpourri

Use them for pot pourri

It’s an obvious but underestimated one. Don’t forget you can use any flowers you want to make a decorative bowl of your pot pourri.

rose water perfume

Make scented water

What could be lovelier than your own organic hand made perfume?

rose lacquered necklace

Keep your favourite flower as jewellery

I saved the best until last, if you’ve got a girlfriend or a mother or even a friend that loves flowers then this is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can ever give, by making them a lacquer flower necklace. learn how to here.

If you still can’t decide the best route for your bouquet, why not just return them back to where they came from. Instead of throwing them in the bin, why not return them back to nature and let them decompose.