Reusing tea bags, what are the benefits?

Reusing tea bags, what are the benefits?

It might sound like a tired old cliché, but Britons absolutely love their tea. There’s no escaping it, in fact approximately 100 million cups are drunk per day! That equates to around 36 billion cups a year.

For most, a used tea bag will be taken out of the cup and put immediately in the bin or onto a drainer ready to dispose of later.

But that does not have to be the case. Whether it’s a camomile tea, standard brew, green or black, you can re-use tea bags in a number of beneficial ways.

Feeding your plants

That’s right, your tea bags can actually be a great way to keep your plants vibrant and healthy.

If you use biodegradable tea bags, they can be composted and are a great source of plant food.

Place the used tea leaves around the base of plants that like acidity to help them grow and keep your homes looking nice and green!

Make more than one brew with them…

There is a common misconception that tea bags can only be used once.

For the biggest tea drinkers among us, if you are able to take a few extra steps you can absolutely re-use your tea bags to make extra brews instead of throwing them straight into the rubbish bins.

There are pitfalls, once you have used a tea bag any further use will see a dip in flavour and strength, and once a teabag has dried, they can be a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

But if you place the tea bag in a shot glass filled with water that will keep them seeping until you are ready to use them again.

This idea is best used for those who drink several cups a day, though, as keeping used tea bags too long can lead to them smelling a bit…off. If that is the case, then it’s best to throw them away.

Place them under your eyes

If you are a big lover of a spa day but cannot always afford to splash out to treat yourself then used tea bags can help you achieve a little pampering from the comfort of your own home.

Once they have cooled down, camomile or green tea bags especially are great for placing on closed eyelids to reduce inflammation – thus helping to get rid of those under-eye bags and dark circles.

Moreover, if you are taking a nice, relaxing soak you do not have to invest in bath bombs. Instead, try throwing in a couple of used tea bags, which will not only help soothe the skin but can give off a lovely aroma from your bath. Camomile and ginger tea are great options for this.