Chloe Howl

Review: Chloe Howl

Words by Anya Zervudachi

I did not need to be asked twice when I was invited to the secret Chlöe Howl gig being performed at the Dr. Martens store in Brighton (15b Prince Albert Street) as part of The Great Escape Festival.

I had heard a lot about the 19-year-old British singer-songwriter and, after checking out a couple of her songs (and seeing how stunning she was), I was not about to turn down one of the exclusive 30 places at the secret gig.

Chlöe was shortlisted for the 2014 BRIT Awards: Critics’ Choice so I was sure I was not going to be disappointed and I can tell you, I was far from it.

Chlöe had a really fantastic stage presence and an absolutely gorgeous voice. She sang a selection of songs from her upcoming self-titled album, due for release on June 9.

As the secret gig was an early evening acoustic set, I made up my mind immediately after the first gig to check her and the band out in full force later that evening.

The live set in front of a packed out crowd was amazing. Again, Chlöe’s stage presence was incredibly engaging and the energy at the gig was phenomenal.

I met Chlöe after her evening gig at The Warren and asked her for three words to sum up her experience at this year’s The Great Escape Festival and here they were: Windy, Sweaty and Energetic.

I personally would have summed up her gigs as: Pretty Bloody Brilliant.

I have to say that both gigs were definitely the highlights of my Great Escape this year and I am now officially a huge fan. Five stars from me and all my best wishes for the new album. I look forward to seeing much more of Chlöe Howl in 2014.