Royal Wedding Betting: Big names in politics left out of guest list

Royal Wedding Betting: Big names in politics left out of guest list

As soon as the romantic affair between Prince Harry and mostly-unknown American actress Meghan Markle was made of public knowledge during November of last year, the media frenzy that followed was joined with excited stupor by the online betting industry, which is always keenly alert for every new attractive odds-making opportunity. Henry, Prince of Wales, as the aforementioned is properly titled, will be tying the knot with the TV star at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on May 19th.

A surprise turn

Harry, a consummate sports fan and staunch supporter of the Arsenal Football Club would probably be a little more than shocked at the realization that his upcoming wedding is raising a similar interest in the betting world to that of Premier League and other massive sporting events. Once the engagement was officially confirmed by Kensington Palace on November 27th, the odds professionals wasted little time to produce betting odds on subjects as varied as the color of the wedding dress, musical act to perform at the event, the sex of the future royal baby (if there was to be one) and the intriguing particulars on the guest list. I’d suggest you start considering some Royal wedding betting offers ahead of the big day, as several top-notch betting sites will accommodate your first-time incursion with fantastic welcome bonuses. It might seem an unlikely choice to bet on but it’s both incredibly easy thanks to the proliferation of websites out there for specifically this purpose and just how much fun it is to bet on something this peculiar. If nothing else, it should make watching the wedding a whole different kind of experience.

Leaving politics out of the wedding

The latest developments in wedding-related drama revolved about the likeness of some very important players in the realm of politics making an appearance at the ceremony, pitying Left and Right-leaning pundits against each other for the sake of the stately honor. Even though Prince Harry may had wanted the Obamas to receive an invitation, it was recently confirmed that hardly any figure of the British and International political stages will be taking part in the celebration. Some fake news released earlier in the month exploited the idea that Michelle Obama had been secretly hoping for the coveted invitation to arrive to be later turned down by the Queen, but said rumors were proven to be false as they had no backing in documented facts.

Fans of conservative super star, Republican US president Donald Trump, will also notice the absence of the politically incorrect world leader, as it is the custom of the Windsor Royal Family to exclude sitting national leaders from any such events; Theresa May has been likewise ruled out. Among some of the celebrities speculated to make an appearance between the 600 total invitees we can find the ubiquitous Sir Elton John and 90’s sensation pop band the Spice Girls. The duchess of Cambridge might have to take a rain check on the wedding, as her pregnancy and incumbent delivery of her third baby will probably interfere with the forthcoming nuptials.

As developments on the royal wedding arrive almost on a daily basis, odds are regularly posted and/or updated to fit the current trends, so, we’d strongly advise you to check your betting lines listing frequently in order to take advantage of any good prices resulting from the latest news bits on the match. We wish the best to you, the bettor, and to the happy couple in this momentous occasion!