Sales for Second-hand Watches Increase as People Feel the Pinch Post-Lockdown

Sales for Second-hand Watches Increase as People Feel the Pinch Post-Lockdown

The UK may be preparing to see the other side of the lockdown, but that doesn’t mean that the impact of it hasn’t been far-reaching – so much so that many Brits are feeling a little less than flush, which is perhaps why a trusted second-hand watch site is seeing their sales soar online. is a well-established online store, providing stylish shoppers with the very best in watch design, including classic styles and fashion pieces. Stocking used watches from top brands including Breitling, Cartier and Omega, fashion forward individuals can pick from the very best watches on the market and know that they are benefiting from significant savings in the process – sometimes saving themselves as much as 70%.

The UK is currently on track to continue to follow the roadmap out of lockdown, which could see all restrictions lifted by June 21st, but the impact of the year that the country has seen has harmed many people financially, which is perhaps the reason why people are now keen to consider the second-hand market.

Because of the vast array of options on, including pieces for men, women and children, the possibilities are endless for shoppers. More than just a site to shop though, the website is also a haven of information and expertise. The Used Watch Buyer’s Guide means that those that aren’t familiar with purchasing second-hand watches can get all of the information they need to help them make an informed choice.

Website Manager Andy Russell said:

“Quality watches are always in vogue and there will be always be a huge market for them, but with the impact that the lockdown has had on people’s finances, it’s no surprise that many are now considering opting for second hand pieces – especially if they are keen to invest in a designer label that will come with a hefty price tag.

“The team has been impressed to see that traffic to our site is up 45% on this time last year, which we certainly deem to be a response to shoppers feeling the need to be more cautious with their money and looking for ways to save where they can. When it comes to buying watches, there are so many benefits to choosing second-hand, including price, quality and an exceptional amount of choice. With so much to offer on our site including a highly knowledgeable team, we are confident that we can help people source and secure the watch of their dreams. have seen sales rise across all areas of their site, particularly during the last  three months. As life prepares to return to more of a sense of normality, people look ahead to socialising and seeing friends and family again, and investing in a designer fashion accessory will certainly help them to look the part while they do so.

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