Saving Money with your own Home DIY

Saving Money with your own Home DIY

Owning your own home can be great. After all, who doesn’t want their own personal space away from the world that they can decorate and change as they see fit? However, one thing everyone forgets to mention when you get your first home is that it can sometimes be more expensive than your thought.

This tends to be when a little DIY is needed. Because when you own your home, you’ll have to get in touch with the handyman yourself and then pay for it yourself, unlike when you’re renting. Of course, if you plan your home repairs right, you could save money, but, some home repairs just won’t wait.

However, you can save yourself a bit of cash by learning how to partake in a few home DIY jobs yourself. You can do this either by taking a course, which could be a little expensive, or you could hop on to YouTube and find some helpful videos to follow. All you really need is a handy toolbox filled with helpful accessories and some cordless tools to help you get into those little corners, and you’re good to go.

Here are a few jobs you could do yourself to help you save cash.


If your electrics at home break, it can be an absolute nightmare, after all, who wants to be living by candlelight. While a YouTube video won’t show you how to re-wire an entire house, it can help you with smaller issues you may encounter like replacing a plug. This will surely come in handy, especially if your television plug breaks – helping you to save on the cost of a new TV.

Plumbing and Water

While electrics can cause you problems, plumbing is the area that tends to affect more people. But rather than call out a plumber, which can cost an absolute fortune for something minor, learning how to do it yourself could really help. Depending on the time of year, you could even end up waiting weeks to get something fixed.

Easy-ish jobs that you could learn yourself include, unclogging a toilet, repairing a leaky faucet or running toilet, and even thawing a frozen pipe and winterising your plumbing. Look them up, because these are the things that are most likely to happen, and cost quite a pretty penny.


From clearing out your gutters to prevent water damage to your property, to fitting a new window, you don’t have to pay out a small fortune to get these fixed. Instead, sit down, load up the computer and get researching. However, for the latter of the two, you may want to take a course or get someone to help you first.

These are just a few things you can learn to do around your home. So, if you’ve recently bought a new place, then get researching, and you could potentially save yourself a fortune.