Saying I Do in the Seychelles

Saying I Do in the Seychelles

The Seychelles group of islands is a treasure in the Indian Ocean. It is possibly the most romantic archipelago in the world; the perfect paradise location for a dream wedding. With talcum-powder white sandy  beaches, crystalline  clear  turquoise waters,  lush  flora and  gently  swaying coconut  trees,  all teamed with a warm tropical climate makes it ideal for that special life event – Seychelles certainly ticks all of the boxes for a sensational wedding destination.

It is often the case that couples don’t know where to start in their preparations for the big day. Someone who has all the answers and the expertise to make your wedding fantasy into a reality is James Dupres, an island wedding event specialist.  James is Creative Director of his own wedding company and is responsible for working closely with the couple to make them feel comfortable and at ease with the event. In his opinion, it is crucial to challenge the norm and work in an environment that is both suited for the event and applies to the client’s request. He coordinates the entire ‘wedding team’ to ensure everything is perfect and of the best standard. As a master communicator, it is the Creative Director’s job to understand the client’s wish and execute it flawlessly.

With such expertise in the field and with us being keen to get all his top tips, Absolute Seychelles talks to James about tying the knot in paradise.  Here is his ultimate guide…

Wedding Venues

Getting married in the Seychelles allows one to enjoy all the diversity in accommodation that Seychelles has to offer, from charming Creole guesthouses, intimate hotels both large and small, to the magical experience of sumptuous five star resorts and exquisite island hideaways.  Below are a few key recommended venues ideal to exchange your “I Do’s”.

The Beach

Kick off your shoes, and enjoy a truly romantic wedding on the pristine beach. Your friends and family will never forget the experiences, and you as a couple will have something truly special to look back upon.  The best  beach  for such  experience  are Anse  Source  D’Argent, Anse  Takamaka,  Anse Gouvernment only to name a few. With Seychelles’ perfect climate, you are guaranteed a sunny day and warm cool breeze. If you wish to switch it around to have it leading to the night, a bonfire can be done right after the ceremony while entertainers can create the creole ambience while you and your loved ones star gaze up in the clear sky.


The islands of Seychelles are filled with romantic hotels, ideal for weddings ranging up to 5 stars. You may wish to have the ceremony at the balcony, the gazebo, a villa or even inside a spacious conference room to accommodate your list of invitees. An additional benefit of holding your wedding at one of the many hotels is that you are provided with an extended team to cater for all your needs such as your menu. Work with their skilled chefs to make your culinary vision a reality, from hors d’oeuvres to the wedding cake.


Be sure to take time to find the perfect photographer to capture your wedding.  Each different photographer will have a different signature style, be it formal, causal or reportage.  I often work with photographer Mr. Marsha Dine who creates artistically beautiful imagery with a fresh, modern look and style. Personality is equally important. Mr. Dine approaches each shoot with enthusiasm, poise and style while  managing  the day  efficiently  and effectively.  With  great proven  photographic experience, his own high quality digital equipment, computer proficiency and professional appearance and demeanour, Mr. Dine delivers top-notch products to satisfy the clients’ demand.

James Dupres wedding company offers wedding photoshoot packages on the main islands of Seychelles such as Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Silhouette, Desroches just to name a few. From your quick service wedding to one of a greater grandiose, we serve to cater to your needs.

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist

Your wedding is all about feeling good and so your hair and makes up artist should ensure just that. I collaborate often with Ms. Anisa Rose who is an expert at weddings and all that goes with it. Being the bearer of an upbeat personality, good energy and a love for all things beautiful, this make-up artist is one to have. She has the ability to apply a natural look on different skin tones as well as extensive eyebrow application. Anisa is well versed with the wedding theme, having to cater for both locals and tourists. With many years abroad as make-up artist and model, Ms. Anisa Rose has managed to gather a bucket load of experience, encounters and familiar with using a wide range of cosmetic brands.

Requirements for your wedding

Planning a wedding might be overwhelming and stressful with the never ending to do list. So to imagine getting married overseas, one might think that would merely double the tasks. Rest assured that getting married in the Seychelles is not as grim as one might think. Here are the main points you will need to know before getting married:

The majority age for male or female to contract marriage is eighteen years and over. Parent’s consent is required for any to contract civil marriage. Any person in accordance with the Laws of Seychelles can get married. Female minor children must produce proof of the consent (a notary document) in writing if one of the parents can’t be there in person to give a verbal consent Before the marriage can take place, the banns are published for eleven days prior to the date of marriage. Foreigners wishing to get married in Seychelles may call at the Civil Status office at Independence House or may wish to make arrangement through their Local Travel Agent or Hotel.

What documents do I need to present ?

  • Birth certificate
  • Seychelles National Identity cards
  • Death or Divorce certificates where applicable
  • Passport where appropriate

Religious Ceremonies

If you dream of a romantic religious wedding in Seychelles, this can now become a reality.   Although Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion in the country, there are also Anglican and other Protestant churches, as well as smaller Muslim, Hindu and Bahá’i communities.

You will have to contact the relevant religious body in order to arrange your wedding, however it is worth noting that, under Seychelles law, a religious ceremony is not recognised by law without a civil ceremony prior to it.

Where do I get more information about getting married?

The couple who wish to register their marriage should be present in the Civil Status office with a witness from each side. If the couple wishes to register their marriage at home, they should inform the Civil Status office at least a week before the marriage takes place.