Shake Shack x Patty & Bun: Introducing the Patty Shack

Shake Shack x Patty & Bun: Introducing the Patty Shack

Patty&Bun and Shake Shack have joined forces to bring you the ‘Patty Shack DIY Kit’. The burger is a perfect fusion of the two brands’ signature styles and was born from a mutual love of burgers and quality ingredients.

Could this be the perfect burger?!

The kit contains all the ingredients to make 4 ‘Patty Shack’ Burgers:

1.      Patty&Bun’s signature beef blend in Shake Shack’s ‘Smashed’ style patties

2.      Shake Shack’s classic potato buns

3.      P&B’s pickled cucumbers

4.      American cheese

5.      Shake Shack’s caramelised onions, smoked cheddar mayo, ketchup and American yellow mustard

The kit also includes a step-by-step guide on how to cook and assemble the burgers, so you can make them exactly as intended from the comfort of your own home!

From the very beginning, Shake Shack has always been a brand that Patty&Bun has looked up to. During the time that Joe Grossmann spent developing Patty&Bun, he got to know the Shake Shack team and they still remain friends to this day.

Joe recalls his visit to Shake Shack in NYC before Patty&Bun was born: “Ten years ago when I started on the Patty&Bun journey, one of my original points of inspiration was Shake Shack. I won’t forget lining up in Madison Square Park and experiencing the Shack Burger, with the soft Potato bun and that signature Pat LaFrieda beef blend … So, ten years on to be collaborating with the team at Shake Shack to create something very, very special that highlights and reflects the style and flavours of both brands is super exciting! One word … PUMPED!”

Mark Rosati of Shake Shack also thinks back to the first time he experienced Patty&Bun:

“When we set out on our journey over seven years ago to bring Shake Shack to London, the very first homegrown burger spot we visited right off the plane was Patty&Bun, and found the experience to be truly inspired, from the ambience to their delicious burgers.  Soon after, I met Joe and we became fast friends, a burger brother all the way, and I couldn’t be more excited to be bringing both of our worlds together for our fans, and all burger lovers alike!”

Available to order from Monday 12th October,  the ‘Patty Shack DIY Kit’ will be exclusively available through the Patty&Bun website here for just two weeks – so there’s no time to waste!