Side-hustle 101: Garage conversion ideas

Side-hustle 101: Garage conversion ideas

Is your side-hustle taking off? Whether you need extra space, or you’ve got bigger ideas than ever, it’s important to make sure that your production facility is fit for purpose.

Startups demand creativity and some perseverance too. No matter the nature of your business, it’s always worth learning how to make the most of the space you already have. Before you ditch your business, read our top three garage conversion ideas to scale up your side-hustle.

3 of the best businesses to start in a garage

Personal training
If fitness is your passion and you’re ready to share discipline with other people, why not start a personal training business? Creating a DIY home gym does take some commitment and a bit of investment upfront, but this could be a lucrative career move if you’re ready to take the plunge.

As well as clearing out any belongings, clutter or supplies in the garage, you’ll need to strip it down and install a suitable flooring for exercise. Next, you’ll need to browse and choose some of the best home gym equipment, including squat racks, free weights, and purpose-built machines.

With a strong client base or an easy network to tap into, your training business could quickly take off. Remember to use mirrors to maximise the space in your garage gym.

Auto repairs
With a double garage and a bit of land too, it’s possible to open your own independent vehicle repair shop. As with any new venture, you’ll need to register with the Companies House before you can set the wheels in motion, but there are no formal qualifications required to get started.

You’ll need to invest in some top-quality equipment to offer a high standard of vehicle repairs. From basic pliers and screwdrivers to heavy units like an air compressor and hydraulic lifts, it’s worth investing some serious cash into your setup before you get started. Don’t forget to secure some industry standard diagnostics tools too.

Working underneath cars is hazardous work, so it’s worth taking out motor trade insurance for added protection. This extra peace of mind will help you to work with confidence and enthusiasm – which keeps your customers coming back!

Catering supplies
Do you live in a rural area with plenty of wedding venues? If so, there could be a market for providing silverware and other catering supplies to hire. It’s perfectly viable to start this type of business in your garage because you only need a few appliances to get started.

With a dishwasher, drying area and packaging solutions installed, all that’s left is to be organised and know how to exceed expectations. You could offer a delivery and pickup service too, collecting used crockery, cleaning it, then hiring it out to the next function party.

If you’re a fan of process-driven work and you appreciate structure, this venture gives you the best of both worlds. You can choose your own hours, plan your own schedule, and keep things stripped back to the basics.

Ready to go with your garage conversion? We hope you’re feeling more inspired and motivated after reading our ideas. Don’t forget to wear PPE while you’re setting up!