Simple ways to boost your savings that you probably haven’t thought of

Simple ways to boost your savings that you probably haven’t thought of

Running out of ideas to save? Cutting your budget back even further isn’t always practical, and sometimes it feels like it’s just not possible to trim things back even more. Saving more money shouldn’t mean reducing the quality of your life, or saying no to simple treats and denying yourself rewards.

That’s why it’s important to find new and simple ways to save money that won’t hurt your quality of life and that are super simple to include in your everyday routine. Whether you want to save for the holiday of a lifetime or add more to your pension pot this month – click here for more information about a pension transfer – we’ve gathered some simple ways to boost your savings that you probably haven’t thought of.

Automate everything

It’s incredible how just a few simple clicks can stop us from saving money. We either forget or put off doing it until we’ve spent all the money we were intending to save in the first place. By automating your savings, you can have your chosen amount moved automatically into your savings pot without even thinking about it. It’s saving made simple.

Collect all that extra change

It’s easy to overlook all your coins. But all those little pennies can add up to considerable amounts or could be enough to give you a much-needed push into saving even more. When your saving pot continues to rise even by a few pounds and pence – you’re getting closer to your financial goal. Make sure you have somewhere to keep them all and take some time to get them transferred into your savings account so they’re safe!

Make your own gifts – or don’t buy any at all

Birthdays coming up? Or worrying about the cost of Christmas? The pressure we feel to buy bigger and better gifts than the ones we received last year is incredibly difficult to manage. However, as far as friends and relatives are concerned, set their expectations now. Let them know that you’re not buying gifts this year, or surprise them with something homemade instead. Save your Christmas/birthday spends for your partner or your children instead. You may find that family and friends are relieved at not having to spend huge amounts based on expectations too.

Barter and haggle (for everything)

Want to reduce your electric bill? Or your phone contract? When you speak with your providers, don’t take no for an answer, haggle as much as possible to negotiate a lower monthly payment. If you’re not comfortable doing this over the phone, then consider bartering via their online chat services instead. If you’re not familiar with haggling, check out some simple tips to get you started.

Save money on entertainment

Trips to the cinema, days out…they all quickly add up. When you look for cheaper ways to save money on your entertainment your savings will certainly benefit. Consider family walks instead of day trips to the zoo, check out museums or national parks with free entries instead. You’ll save a bundle that can go straight into your savings pot instead.