PureHA Hyaluronic Acid Review

Recently I was introduced to PureHA, a liquid form of Hyaluronic acid which I take daily in a glass of water, not nearly as scary as it sounds… But what is hyaluronic acid?

“Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced by your body and is present in every tissue to moisturise your skin, joints and eyes. It is renowned for being a moisture magnet and its capacity to hold 1000 times its weight in water. It is a key property when it comes to preventing the signs of ageing due to its ability to strengthen the skin’s barrier, plump out fine lines and maximise collagen levels which keep skin supple and looking youthful” *

Essentially this naturally occurring acid keeps your body at its best. It’s vital to looking and feeling younger and encourages lots of benefits to your health including moisturising your eyes and joints, helping to protect from UVB rays, preventing gum disease, by decreasing the inflammation and encouraging tissue healing, faster wound healing, increased energy, dry skin relief, improved muscle strength and increased mental alertness.

For the last month every morning I have been taking one of the small sachets provided to me in a glass, and although I’m probably too young to see any massive effects of anti-aging, I have noticed a large change in my complexion, after a few days I noticed a brighter, more even skin tone and a more fresh look to my face. I think to see the full benefits of something like this, it’s certainly not an overnight solution and should be taken regularly, but I do believe if I were to continue it would make a big difference in the long run to my mental and physical health.

If you are someone who is considering fillers or botox or any of the above then I would consider trying this first just for the reason that A- it’s naturally occurring in your body (not harmful), B- It’s probably in all of your pots and potions you have sitting on your dressing table and C- Hello!! It’s much cheaper and far less invasive.

I’m feel confident enough to say that taking PureHA has been beneficial to myself, but it would probably be much more suited to somebody a little bit older, I think you would see much more visable effects of anti-aging.

*Source- www.pureha.co.uk