Sleeper cars: The secret supercars

Sleeper cars: The secret supercars

Sleeper cars are true classics. Vehicle fanatics have been excited by them since they were first introduced and their ability to drive like a supercar is mind-blowing. Despite not having the costly price tag on them, sleeper cars are often even better than supercars.

In comparison to high-speed race cars, sleeper cars look like they wouldn’t be able to gather speed as fast – but they’ve proven people wrong time and time again.

Given their ability for high speed, they’re likely to come with more expensive insurance. This means, if you’re considering a sleeper car, it’s worth looking into a provider such as WiseDriving that specialises in telematics insurance. This type of insurance monitors how you drive and can get money back on your policy if you navigate the roads safely.

The secret behind a sleeper car is that unless you’re a car fanatic, you’re unlikely to know the supercar traits they possess. Most of them look like old fashioned cars, but they have hidden talents in the engine.

Some cars will look like they’re nothing more than a simple family car, such as the Audi A6 2.7T, but actually, they have a 4.2-litre engine with 444bhp, making it one of the fastest sleeper cars available. There’s a lot of potential to become a supercar with the 2.7T and it has been featured in the fastest sleeper cars list.

The Audi A6 may also look like a casual vehicle, but in a race against the Porche 911, they could match one another, with both cars enjoying a whopping 444bhp. Although the Porche looks like a typical supercar, the Audi may be along to steal the title with its high horsepower and speedy acceleration.

After Netflix released their TV series Fastest Car last year, more people have noticed that sleeper cars have the ability to become supercars. The series pitted supercars against sleepers, showing viewers it’s not all about the looks.

Although the sleepers didn’t always win, it shows what to look for when judging how fast the speed of a car is, and the appearance isn’t a tell, at all. The cars aren’t exotic, at least not in comparison to the supercars which are lavishly designed vehicles. Even those that look as though they could barely get around the corner would beat the supercars, proving that it’s all down to bhp.

There have been multiple occasions where sleeper cars have surpassed supercars on the racecourse, and the reasons for this vary, but mostly it’s down to the engine power. Although many supercars look appealing, that doesn’t influence their power or speed.

Most car fanatics will save themselves the cash and pick a sleeper car instead of spending thousands on a brand new supercar. When they work just as well, sometimes better, why wouldn’t you?