Slow Turtle Cider Makes A Leisurely Arrival On The Shores OF The Seychelles

Slow Turtle Cider Makes A Leisurely Arrival On The Shores OF The Seychelles

Helping clean up the beaches where it is set to be enjoyed, in partnership with the Ocean Project 

Slow Turtle Cider – a crisp, sweet and refreshing new Cider from Seychelles Breweries ‘perfectly crafted for those mellow island moments’ has launched on the islands. The new cider will be partnering with the Ocean Project to support beach clean ups while providing refreshment. The cider initially launching in the Indian Ocean region is targeting existing and new cider drinkers bringing something fresh from the island brewery. 

This is Seychelles Brewery’s first foray into the cider category with a brand new innovation. Tapping into the growth in tastes for cider, Slow Turtle Cider is a sweet, crisp and truly refreshing cider that celebrates island life. Its tag-line, ‘best enjoyed at a leisurely pace’ is a reflection of this ethos. 

The launch also marks the start of a new partnership between Seychelles Breweries & the Ocean Project. 

Seychelles Breweries has a lot to be proud of when it comes to its environmental footprint. The returnable bottle infrastructure it operates ensures that millions of glasses are re-used and avoid being sent to landfill. With the brewery set to recycle upwards of 20 million bottles this year. 

In this same way, Seychelles Breweries is keen to support local initiatives – namely the Ocean Project – that are similarly motivated to protect the environment. The very place where Slow Turtle is to be enjoyed. 

To launch the new cider and the partnership, Seychelles Breweries is offering 18+ participants in future Ocean Project clean-up events a bottle of Slow Turtle Cider as a thank you for their efforts. The Brewery will also continue to work with the Ocean Project on various other initiatives around recycling and clean ups. 

Slow Turtle will also make a point of providing monthly updates to confirm the number of bottles recycled. 

For more information visit: Theoceanproject.sey / @Slowturtlecider