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Smart, Sleek and Proven to Help you Sleep: Say Hello to holî!

Struggle to nod off at night? Can’t wake up in the mornings? Improve your sleep and room ambience at the same time, with two cool and creative solutions, from holî; the SmartLamp and SleepCompanion.

The SmartLamp is an innovative mood-boosting lamp, which not only changes colour to suit you, but also creates party perfect light shows, which match your music choices AND even helps you to wake up better, leaving you revived and raring to go.

While the SleepCompanion turns your ingenious bedside light into your sleep’s best friend, just by changing its bulb! Not only does it synchronize lighting needed for our individual body’s biological sleep needs, but it also helping us relax, for an indulgent deep sleep.

Oh, and being cutting edge smart products, they synchronise with your iPod, iPhone and iPad, and via Bluetooth can be controlled with just a few screen taps!

Wake Up Energized

How do you normally wake up? For 65% of us, mornings start abruptly with our smart phone’s blaring alarm, vibrations and bright lights. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the morning wake up call, was a whole lot more relaxed? Well, with both the SmartLamp and SleepCompanion, shock-to-the-system alarms are a thing of the past.

Instead, the holî SmartLamp will help you wake up naturally, every morning, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

Twenty minutes before your noisy alarm would normally blast you awake from slumber, gentle light, mimicking the sunrise, gradually increases and wakes you softly. By time the energizing wake up music starts, your body is then ready to get up and get on with your busy day.

The inventive SleepCompanion also, gradually increases a morning glow effect, in the time before you wake up, with soft rising light landing lightly on your closed eyes, reducing levels of melatonin (a sleepy hormone), increasing energy levels and preparing the body for a natural wake-up. No alarm needed!

No-Stress Sleep

Not only do many of us have trouble waking up, but 30% of people also suffer from insomnia and shockingly, 15% of those aged 25- 45 years old need to take sleep medication, to be able to snooze off soundly.

The SleepCompanion is not only an exciting must-have, but like many of the best technology inventions, also has a very interesting back story too, originally starting life as an idea to help astronauts on board the International Space Station sleep – without having to rely on sleeping pills.

After being given the thumbs up by NASA, the holî SleepCompanion has been clinically proven to improve sleep and is now available to buy. Great news for all of those with insomnia, those reliant on medication and for the 50% of us who say we don’t feel restful, when waking up!

So, how does it work? The ground-breaking combination of specially designed light bulb and smartphone app, works with your unique biological rhythm by generating the right light needed, after analysing your very own sleep patterns! The light from your SleepCompanion adjusts to the hour of the day to perfectly match your melatonin-driven daily rhythms, dimming slowly to prepare your body to fall asleep.

Still struggling to get to sleep? Don’t stress. The app has a handy and helpful, relaxing program, which clears the mind of thoughts and worries, without the need for prescriptions or over-the-counter remedies such as those from the online pharmacy Pill Doctor. Goodbye time spent awake counting sheep; hello blissful night’s sleep!

Improve your Sleep Patterns

It’s great to be able to drift off to sleep and wake up so much easier, but being able to actually analyse and track your sleep, can be life-changing!

holi smart lamp

With the SleepCompanion, you can clearly compare and track your improvements and also start to understand the factors that might be affecting your sleep, or lack of it. It will also give you personalised recommendations and tips to enjoy quality snooze-time too.

Nights to Remember

Of course, while it is important, life’s not all about sleeping! Oh no, add a contemporary, vibrant, vibe to your nights with the super SmartLamp! Whether you’re partying, chilling out or feeling creative; the holî SmartLamp, reflects your mood, with billions of cool colours at your fingertips!

holî SmartLamp

Transform your home décor, with just a tap of your app, choosing from a variety of colours, created by professional light designers. Match every moment and mood – opt for calming pastels to relax, turn up the romance with delicate lighting or check out dynamic effects for Christmas festivities. You can always create your own lightscape scene, really easily, with virtually unlimited colour combinations!

With Christmas and New Year, just around the corner, the SmartLamp and its awesome atmospheric lighting would be the perfect addition to any party. Just connect to your iTunes, Spotify or Deezer account and wow your guests with a light show, in time with your party tunes!

To find out more or buy your holî SmartLamp or SleepComparison, visit: www.holimotion.com.