ART5 Gallery is pleased to present ‘Spellbound’, an exciting new exhibition showcasing the work of three exceptional artists: Antonio Russo, Claire Wiltsher, and Natalie Rymer.

As part of the Brighton Festival, the exhibition runs from 10th-20th May, and reflects upon the spectrum of inspiration in art and the emotive response it evokes in the viewer. From wild, impressionistic woodlands, bright landscapes of popping colours and expressive, dynamic abstracts, this show explores the artist’s vision and interpretation of our environment.

Antonio Russo, an exciting recent addition to the gallery, has a flair for colour and movement influenced by his Italian upbringing, rich in culture. An award-winning and internationally acclaimed artist, Antonio paints to music, which he feels is intrinsically linked to art, letting the bold colours and flowing movement of the paint express his interpretation of the sound. Fluidity and energy are key in his vibrant abstract paintings, with spirited hues and captivating shapes becoming the echoes of music on canvas.

Claire Wiltsher’s love of the outdoors directly inspires her work, creating her award-winning semi-abstract woodland scenes and seascapes. ART5 Gallery’s favourite landscape artist, Claire deliberately uses square canvases as she aims to instil a sense of harmonious balance to her dreamlike compositions, whilst remaining ambiguous in their elements. Layering oil paints and fragments of collage allows the artist to chip away at the surface, unveiling the poetry of colours hidden underneath.

Natalie Rymer is showing her stunningly vibrant landscapes at ART5 Gallery for the first time as part of ‘Spellbound’. This talented young artist’s unique artistic vision utterly transforms the traditional notion of the English countryside, with trees and rolling hills becoming blocks of colour, patterns and shapes. Her highly sought-after work is alive with energy, and her process is highly spontaneous, creating layers of texture in a warm, rich palette.

‘Spellbound’ is a free exhibition running from 10 – 20th May at ART5 Gallery.