Spring – Legs, Bums & Tums

With spring coming into full bloom, it’s time to get into the gym and start work on those legs, bums and tums so you are ready to hit the beach when summer arrives.

Therefore, we caught up with LA Fitness General Manager, Scott Defty, to find out what you need to do to be in shape for the summer sun.

How do people start to get fit for summer?
People should start by consciously making a commitment to get fitter, whether that’s a change of lifestyle, diet or exercise regime it all has to start somewhere. You won’t get fit just doing one though, you need to make changes to all 3 to really see a difference in time for summer.

What are the top three workout exercises for your legs, bums and tums?
Squats and lunges are great to tone up your legs and bums! Follow this up with 20 minute high intensity cardiovascular workout on our wave machines or a spin class and you’ll be ready for the beach in no time.

What should people eat before a workout?
I wouldn’t advise eating much up to an hour before your workout, however an energy bar, a sweet drink such as Lucozade or a piece of fruit like a banana will give you plenty of energy to perform at your best.

What should they avoid eating after a workout?
There is not much point in eating a high calorie nutrient deficient meal such as fast food following all the hard work at the gym. Protein is crucial for muscle building and recovery so it’s a good idea to have some lean meat, like chicken, steak or fish with salad or if time is short a protein shake or a protein bar will tick all the right boxes.

What are your top three legs, bums and tums tips for dieting?
To keep your metabolism high avoid large, infrequent meals and try to eat smaller portions 5-6 times a day.Cut down on coffee and reduce stress as these contribute to storing extra fat around your tummy. Eat more fruit and veg to increase your fibre intake, which will speed up your digestion.

What is the best way to keep hydrated when working out in the heat?
Plenty of water is the obvious answer, however actually drinks with some carbohydrates in them will rehydrate you much quicker. Try not to go overboard though, as they are higher in calories, so stick to sport drinks or add a bit off real fruit juice to your water.

What is the best workout clothing?
Anything that you’re comfortable in will work, you don’t need the most expensive, fashionable gear to have a good workout.  Some people feel too much pressure to come to the gym in the best high tech kit available, when all you need is something that doesn’t restrict movement and you’re happy to wear.

How often should people go to the gym?
That can depend on a number of factors. Commitment, time, cost and motivation. However it’s important not to make too many excuses! After 12 days of exercise you’ll start to feel better in yourself, have better nights sleep and feel more energetic. After 12 weeks you will see the difference in the mirror. We encourage people to come to the gym 3 – 4 times a week, here at LA fitness Brighton we also have 20 min fast classes designed for busy people. All are high intenstiy and really good at addressing the common excuses listed above!