Stand Out From The Crowd This Summer

Want to be cool and noticeable this season? Get a pair of brightly hued trousers or shots. Chinos are everywhere in the high street

Words by Igor Srzic

Go for rainbow colours this summer – washed pinks, greens, reds and purples too. It doesn’t stop at the ankle. Crank it up a notch in above-the-knee shorts. I love short shorts, who doesn’t? This summer you won’t really have any choice at all. We should all be in screaming bright colours and why not?

Bright shorts are very summery and remind me of hot weather and a nice stroll on the beach somewhere in the Mediterranean. Just back from the lovely Island of Mykonos where it’s the brighter the better, if you can find some dark colour boat shoes to go with the funky and bright shorts or trousers.

Eye-catching they may be but they are not as difficult to wear as they look. When wearing very bright colours for one item, try to keep the rest of the outfit toned down – either a dark top or a white T-shirt with canvas plimsolls and add some cool shades to accessories, like Prada or D&G.

But be very careful, don’t play on the wet grass or spill a nice glass of Merlot.

If you really can’t face the invasion of colour this summer, or you are looking for a pair of chinos to last you a bit longer than this season, then it might be better to get yourself a subtler, more conservative colour.

Match them with some fabulous printed short sleeve shirts and converse.

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