Staycationing with your four-legged friend this summer? Don’t forget to pack the new award-winning Be:Loved natural pet care collection

Staycationing with your four-legged friend this summer? Don’t forget to pack the new award-winning Be:Loved natural pet care collection

Let’s be honest, foreign holidays are off the agenda for most this summer. But for your four-legged friend this is the best news EVER! Why? Because this means staycations are very much ‘on’ and that means lots of dogs will be tagging along for the ride!

But before you jump in the car and head to the coast, the forest, the mountains or the wilderness, it’s important to ensure you’ve packed everything you are going to need whilst you’re away. Many people will ensure they have their dog’s food, water bowl, collar and bed before heading off but it’s important you are also armed with everything you’ll need to ensure your dog is looking and feeling good whilst strutting their stuff on holiday – allow us to introduce the gorgeous new Be:Loved natural pet care collection, available to purchase from

The Be:Loved Story

The Be:Loved range was launched to provide pets with soothing and caring ways to ensure they look and feel their best, something dedicated pet parents strive to do every day. The inspiration for the range comes from a rather unique source – a family heirloom! This farmhouse recipe and animal husbandry book was a treasure chest full of remedies and ointments designed to treat a range of common ailments for farmers and animals alike, all created with nothing more than what could be found on hedgerows and in nature’s harvest. It is these recipes that Be:Loved’s products are borne from; a homage if you will. Sensitively made by hand, using only natural ingredients that are kind to both pooch and human, Be:Loved’s bespoke product range has been sensitively created to be luxurious and moisturising, whilst also helping to soothe and nourish problem skin and troublesome paws and noses.

Since its launch Be:Loved has already garnered legions of fans and within weeks of its market debut it scooped its first award, having won the ‘Best New Product’ Award at the leading pet retail show, PATS 2020.

Be:Loved 100% Natural Shampoo Bars – RRP £5.00 (100g)

Sand, sea, leaves, muddy streams, sticky fingers and endless pets can leave your dog’s coat looking less than perfect. However, with Be:Loved handmade, 100% natural shampoo bars it is possible to wash on the go. There are four to choose from, helping pet parents to make the right choice for their dog’s individual needs:

Be:Clean – perfect for dogs that can manage to find the stinkiest thing possible to roll in! Featuring essential oils and natural growth-boosting green tea, this antibacterial shampoo bar provides a glossy clean coat, a fresh fragrance and helps to keep lice and bacteria at bay.

Be:Bugfree – packed full of a 100% natural blend of neem oil and insect-repelling citronella, Be:Bugfree is perfect for those dogs that enjoy long walks in the countryside and are more susceptible to bug bites and stings.

Be:Vegan – this soothing and calming shampoo bar is perfect for those pet parents that practice what they preach when it comes to living a true vegan lifestyle. Be:Vegan is packed full of naturally calming ingredients including vegan hemp and chamomile, making it the perfect choice for a range of skin issues including dandruff, eczema or rosacea.

Be:Calm – with the calming scent of lavender and extra moisturising goat’s milk, Be:Calm is the perfect way to help your pet unwind after a long day exploring the local area.
Be:Loved Nose & Paw Balms – RRP £8.00 (60g)

These Nose and Paw Balms are perfect for on-the-go fixes. For those little aches and scrapes that come from being an adventure dog, the Be:Safe, First Aid & Ache Nose & Paw Balm is just the ticket. Formulated with a natural blend of essential oils and moisturising beeswax, shea butter and Vitamin E, this balm is designed to soothe minor injuries, like scratches and grazes, and alleviate the discomfort from stings and bites. Simply apply to paws, noses and anywhere else that’s been in the wars.

Be:Loved, Soothing and Nourishing Nose & Paw Balm is the ideal choice when feet and noses have had a busy day out and about. Whether it’s a cracked paw pad, elbow callouses or dry noses, this enriching balm full of shea butter, Vitamin E, avocado oil and manuka honey is the perfect remedy.

Be:Silky – Skin & Coat Conditioning Pet Massage Oil Rub – RRP £20.00
If you don’t have time for a wash, then Be:Loved’s skin and coat oil rub is the perfect alternative whilst on the go. The enriching and conditioning blend of natural botanical oils and essences, including Grape Seed, Lavender, Vitamin E, Sweet Almond and Rose, help to create a fresh, healthy and silky coat. Massaging the oil can help to improve circulation, as well as helping to calm over excited holiday companions and helping to soothe those dogs that love holidays but hate the travelling to get there!

Be:Fresh – Probiotic Home & Kennel Sanitising Spray – RRP £12.00
Accidents happen and when they do it’s easy to clean up with this specially formulated spray. Use to clean, scent and protect your dog’s bed – the spray is safe for use on fabrics – and surrounding areas whilst on holiday. The smell will remind them of home, whilst hoteliers and holiday homeowners will thank you for the courtesy as the active ingredients get to work if resoiling should occur.

Tested on humans, not animals

Every product in the Be:Loved collection is not only handmade in the UK, but it has also been tested on humans – after all, if it’s good enough for us then it’s got to be good enough for our pets! Free from parabens and MIT (that’s a preservative commonly added to cosmetics), Be:Loved also supports the fight against single-use plastics and uses zero plastic within its packaging and will ensure it never does.

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