Staying Safe at Online Casinos

Staying Safe at Online Casinos

Online casinos are a great social activity and have grown in popularity over the last few years. If you fancy signing up but don’t really know where to start the team at, have put together this useful guide to ensure that you stay safe.


Look for Licensing Information

The first place to start is the licensing information. No matter what county the casino is based in, if it is reputable, it will be regulated by the correct authority for location. In the UK that is the Gambling Commission, but regardless of location the registration information including the registration number for the casino should be clearly displayed. It should be on the home page, so you do not have to look for it, and normally found at the bottom of the page. If you cannot find this, leave the site and look somewhere else.

Good Online Reviews

This can be a slightly tricky one because unrepeatable casinos will pay to get good reviews written, however, if you stick to independent sites you will get a good feel for which casinos are trustworthy and which are worth avoiding. There a lot of names that you will have heard of and this is probably a good sign but do some online digging for yourself. A good casino will have a range of payment methods on offer, so that is another great thing to check out. Be sure that they offer well-known payment gateways like PayPal, as well as debit card, credit card etc. This shows they are committed to their customers. While you are checking out the site have a look at the customer service provision, a responsible casino will make it easy for customers to find help when they need it, many will offer 24/7 customer care provision, and it should be easy to locate.

Play Safe

The final tip to staying safe and having a great time at online casinos is all down to you as a player. Gambling is known to be addictive, so it is vital that you set yourself some limits and stick to them. While you will find stories of people taking on the casino and winning millions the reality is this is a game of chance, and yes, you will win some, but you should expect to lose some. Good sites will include information on responsible gambling. Basically, you should only ever play with money you can afford to lose. Placing rent money of a bet is generally a really bad idea, so to have fun and not get panicked or stressed stick to your budgets. Most of the casinos will offer welcome bonuses to new players, and when you deposit your first lot of money, they will give you some free games or credits in return. Take advantage of these as they are a great way to get extra play but be sure to have followed the advice on selecting a genuine online casino before you sign up. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but you will find very generous bonuses at reputable casinos.