STORY Resort Seychelles Wins World Travel Awards – Seychelles Leading Green Resort – Fourth Year In A Row.

STORY Resort Seychelles Wins World Travel Awards – Seychelles Leading Green Resort – Fourth Year In A Row.

STORY Resort Beau Vallon Beach Seychelles

**Seychelles’ Leading Green Resort 2021 World Travel Awards**

STORY (Seychelles) Resort – A Sustainable Paradise

The Seychelles has won a reputation for being one of the world’s stand-out holiday destinations for travellers in search of authenticity, harmony, safety and one of the most extraordinary experiences of nature on the planet.

STORY (Seychelles) is very proud to be the leading resort in best practice, standards and values sustainable and environmental tourism to the Seychelles islands. With its consistent and ground-breaking initiatives which has seen everything from dedicated ecological areas, education and local projects within and outside of the property it has earned them the award for the ‘Seychelles Leading Green Resort 2021’ for the fourth year running.

STORY (Seychelles) continually looks for ways to preserve and protect natural resources by reducing waste and energy, while providing experiences and service to their guests, without compromising on the beauty of the guest experience.

Our 5 Pillars in Sustainability






“We communicate with our guests and create awareness of our efforts while encouraging them to join us in the simplest practices to reach our goals. Our Eco-project is based on 5 interconnected pillars. It is impossible to think about nature, wildlife and an Eco-friendly life separately. These elements are all intertwined, like a group of Hawksbill Sea Turtles swimming through a marine current, if you improve something in your local environment, it will be projected to the rest of the world”.

A tranquil, boutique and culturally connected, the resort offers guests a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime.

STORY (Seychelles) The Resort

As its name suggests, STORY (Seychelles) is about creating ‘stories’ for its guests – not only to relish, but also to participate in- during their stay. These will be singular, inspiring stories sparked as much by the bold architecture of the resort itself and its magical melding into its lush environment, as by the curation of empowering, transformational experiences in art, cuisine and the vibrant Seychellois culture designed to define a memorable and personally enriching stay.

Located on spectacular Beau Vallon beach, an icon of tropical delight, this STORY (Seychelles) flagship, with its contemporary, chic ambiance, features 100 rooms comprising villas and suites, a reputed spa and no less than seven different dining venues, each with its own signature ambiance and cuisine. A rare refuge from the hustle and bustle of modern living, this exceptional resort provides its clients with the opportunity to savour an intoxicatingly fresh approach to tropical living, complete with all modern comforts, immersed in a realm of chic décor, sumptuous food & beverages, spacious luxury and the painstaking attention to detail and service which are the hallmark of the STORY Hotels & Resorts brand.

A STORY that Sparks Inspiration.

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