‘Strong women don’t have ‘attitudes’, we have standards’ MARILYN MONROE

‘Strong women don’t have ‘attitudes’, we have standards’ MARILYN MONROE

From the countryside of Sussex to the island of Sumba we introuduce five strong women to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.

Carol Sharpe from Nihi Sumba has rescued over 20 ex racehorses in her time as the award winning hotels on-site horse whisperer. Tasked initially with finding easy horses for guests for beach treks she found that there were quite a few in need of rescuing from their lives post racing and set about retraining them with patience and love. www.nihi.com

Steph K from Vista Verde ranch is head wrangler and as such responsible for over 100 horses daily. The role is a tough one which culminates in the annual Winter cattle round up over 17,000 acres. Guests are welcome to join (depending on riding ability) but be warned – this is not for the faint hearted and is likened to the “biggest game of hide and seek in the world” www.vistaverde.com

Ashley Boyce is a Sussex born and bred showjumper that has been pivotal in many a young rider’s success and confidence.  Ashley is blessed with unending patience and a true desire to help riders excel in the sport of show jumping and recognises with a passion the importance horses can bring to children’s lives.  Ashley operates from her base at Three Greys Riding School, Pyecombe. @abequestrian – facebook

Shiromal Cooray is the Chairman and Managing Director of family run Jetwing Travels, one of the leading inbound/outbound travel management companies in Sri Lanka. Inspired by her entrepreneur father, Shiromal joined the family business to help the world experience the best of Sri Lanka’s authentic hospitality, while enriching the lives of local communities. The Cooray family have been instrumental in sustainable tourism on the island resulting in most of the 37 hotels and villas being plastic free and solar energised www.jetwingtravels.com

Last but by no means least Dressage Rider Amy Stovold is a shining light to all parents out there considering returning to a sport they once loved. Post childbirth Amy suffered from postnatal depression and thought all hope was lost of riding competitively again. Almost three years on Amy is once again competing at Grand Prix level and has high hopes for the future with her stunning horses and incredible backbone of her incredible sponsors. www.teamstovolddressage.com @bombersbits @sciencesupplements @batessaddles @balancehorsefeeds