Subject: Re: This is what Bridget Jones’ apartment would look like in 2020 (19 year anniversary)

Subject: Re: This is what Bridget Jones’ apartment would look like in 2020 (19 year anniversary)

Saturday 4th April marks 19 years since Bridget Jones’s Diary first hit our screens, but what would Bridget’s iconic apartment look like today?

Working with interior designer Giovanni Scippo and interior design studio 3D Lines, Carpetright have recreated our favourite character’s living room with a modern twist and updated the decor to make it fit for the present day.

We also reimagined other classic rooms from British TV and film, including Harry Potter’s dorm and Sherlock’s flat;


What’s been modernised?

Window: Bridget Jones’ living room wouldn’t be the same without that big, open window nestled behind the sofa. A chic set of Roman blinds has been fitted to replace the early naughties design.

The Sofa: Bridget’s sofa was at the heart of many iconic scenes, including her rendition of Celine Dion’s ‘All By Myself’. The sofa’s original design consisted of a curvy round-edged back and armrests, and a deep red patterned fabric. Although the colour palette has remained, the pattern has been modernised to a plain swatch, and the sofa’s curves are now incorporated onto a square carcass, with the remained buttoned back.

Fireplace: The fireplace was often ignited in Bridget’s apartment, especially on those long winter nights. The original 19th century black frame has been swapped out for one with modern, neutral tones.

Bookshelf: Before moving onto a career in television, Bridget worked at Daniel Cleaver’s publishing company. Her background in this field, along with her love of writing in her diary can be seen by the bookshelf displayed in her living room – a feature also portrayed in her 2001 apartment.

Mirror: The round mirror above the fireplace has been enlarged and redesigned to match the feel of Bridget’s modernised living room.

Clutter: Personal photos and cards which once hung by Bridget’s fireplace have been removed to create a minimalistic, clean space. Two simple pieces of modern artwork have been added.

Bridget Jones’s favourite items

Ashtray: This tell-tale ashtray reveals that quitting smoking was once a New Year’s Resolution that Bridget couldn’t stick to.

Wine: Bridget can often be found curled up on her sofa with a huge glass of Chardonnay.

Magazine: This magazine is perfect for reading or rolling up into a makeshift microphone for miming love ballards.