Summer Transfer Predictions for Top Players

Summer Transfer Predictions for Top Players

With the January transfer window now done and dusted, the attention has instantly switched to the upcoming summer transfer window and what it could mean for many of the world’s best football players. Some are out of contract, others are looking for moves, and quite a few players might be sold off behind their backs as teams look to restructure.

However, though there are many potential transfers on the horizon, it is the three players below which have attracted the most speculation in recent months and will probably continue to do so until the summer.

Lionel Messi
Having spent most of his illustrious career at Barcelona, it is understandable that when rumours do eventually surface that he may actually move on, we all start talking about it. Messi joined Barcelona at the age of 13 and is, without doubt, the club’s greatest ever player, which on its own is some statement considering the players the club has had in the past.

Out of contract in the summer, Messi, now 34, finally looks like he could be off to ply his trade elsewhere, but where will he go? He is still a world-class player despite his age so will have quite the pick of clubs. Manchester City look like strong contenders, but could Messi return to his first club Newells Old Boys in Argentina?

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Sergio Aguero
Another club legend that is likely to leave with a heavy heart is Sergio Aguero at Manchester City. One of the most prolific Premier League strikers in history, Aguero has notched over 250 goals in little under 400 appearances for the club. Like Messi, however, is getting on in years and with recent struggles with injury, he may feel that the summer is a good time to find pastures new.

A long list of top clubs across Europe would likely take him on, but many have tipped the star to return to his homeland to resign with Independiente. So far, it looks like the Argentine league might be worth a watch next season if Messi and Aguero go through with their promises!

Mohamed Salah
Liverpool and Mohamed Salah have been a match made in heaven since the two first connected in 2017. Salah helped to achieve something they hadn’t done in decades, win the Premier League title. In fairness, Liverpool also took a chance on a player that didn’t tear any trees up previously.

However, is the marriage showing signs of staleness? Reports suggested Liverpool were willing to consider selling the star with apparent interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid last summer. Some sources also claim the star is not happy, for that reason above, and for not captaining the side in a Champions League fixture.

Isn’t this why we get excited about the summer transfer window?
The transfers of world-class players each summer is why the transfer window takes up so many column inches online. Each and every year there are big moves involving a ton of money and players going off to join top clubs in other leagues and countries. For fans, this is both exciting and upsetting. We all dream of the day our club signs Mbappe and his amazing statistics, but losing a key player is never an enjoyable experience.