Sunday Feasting Menu, Domenica, by Tutto

Sunday Feasting Menu, Domenica, by Tutto

A Delightful Culinary Journey at Tutto: A Review of the Sunday Sharing Feasting Menu, “Domenica”

Tutto, the Italian restaurant located in a beautifully restored 1930’s bank on Marlborough Place in Brighton, by Local acclaimed restauranter Razak Helatat, offers a sensational dining experience that we had the pleasure of experiencing with their Sunday Feasting Menu, “Domenica.” As we sat outside on the charming patio, the ambiance immediately set the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Composed of decadent new sharing plates that bring together the most loved things about Italian dining, Domenica celebrates uncomplicated cooking and simple, seasonal, well-sourced ingredients, designed for friends and family to come together and devour. You can choose two, three or four courses from a selection of antipasti, primi, secondi and dessert dishes, with the option to add seasonal small plates.

To give the feast a thorough taste test we opted for the whole four courses with some sides to boot. To enhance our meal, we opted for the wine flights, which proved to be an excellent choice. For a reasonable £20, we began with a refreshing spritz, with my personal favourite being the rhubarb spritz, while my companion delighted in the cherry, both excited and refreshed our palates in anticipation of what was to come. The well-curated wine selection perfectly complemented each course, elevating our dining experience to new heights.

The first course, an antipasti platter, showcased Tutto’s commitment to quality and flavour.

The assortment of meats, including expertly cured prosciutto and salami, paired beautifully with the creamy ricotta, offering a delightful balance of textures. The walnut trapanese added a unique twist, and the grilled and marinated vegetables burst with freshness. The medley of olives and crisp crostini added a final touch to this appetizing spread.

Alongside the platter came our sides, truffle cacio e pepe crochette, a delightful dish that combines the rich flavours of truffle and the classic Italian cacio e pepe pasta, and equally pleasing grilled gamberi rossi with paprika butter. The crochette are crispy on the outside and filled with a creamy, cheesy truffle mixture. The truffle adds a luxurious earthy note, while the pepper adds a subtle kick, a truly delicious and unapologetically indulgent side dish. The succulent gamberi rossi (red prawns) are cooked to perfection on the grill, resulting in a juicy and flavourful seafood option.

The addition of paprika butter adds a rich and smoky taste that complements the natural sweetness of the prawns, a mouthwatering combination that is sure to please seafood lovers.

Moving on to the second course, we were presented with a classic: lasagna bolognese. The layers of tender freshly made on site pasta, rich beef ragu, and velvety bechamel sauce were a testament to the chef’s expertise. Each bite was a harmonious blend of savoury flavours, leaving us wanting more. The hearty portion size ensured that we left satisfied and content.

The third course brought a taste of the sea to our palates. The whole grilled sea bream, expertly prepared and presented flayed, was a visual delight. The flaky, succulent fish was topped with leek, green olives, lemon, and capers, creating a symphony of Mediterranean flavours. The simplicity of the dish allowed the freshness of the seafood to shine, and each component added a burst of tangy and zesty notes.

Finally, the dolci course provided the perfect ending to this culinary adventure. The home-made lemon meringue tart stole the show with its vibrant flavours and impeccable presentation. The tangy lemon filling was perfectly balanced by the sweet and airy meringue topping.

The addition of fresh strawberries and delicate pistachio shavings added a touch of elegance and sophistication to this delightful dessert.

Overall, our experience of Domenica at Tutto was nothing short of exceptional. Each course showcased the restaurant’s dedication to quality ingredients, creative combinations, and impeccable execution. The patio ambiance provided a relaxed and enchanting setting, allowing us to savour each course at a leisurely pace. The attentive and knowledgeable staff further enhanced our visit, ensuring that every aspect of our meal was executed flawlessly.

If you’re looking for an extraordinary Sunday dining experience, Tutto is the place to be.

From the indulgent antipasti to the delectable seafood and the exquisite dessert, each course was a testament to the culinary expertise of the chefs. Tutto has once again proven to be a true gem. Domenica delivers an unforgettable experience, leaving you with a new-found appreciation for Italian cuisine.