Superstar DJ JFB from Brighton UK, has won The WORLD DMC CHAMPION

Superstar DJ JFB from Brighton UK, has won The WORLD DMC CHAMPION

Superstar DJ JFB from Brighton UK, has won The WORLD DMC CHAMPION Title making him the No.1 DJ in the world and THE WORLD’S MOST SKILLED DJ. JFB worked his way through a jaw dropping set demonstrating skills in both technicality and musicality.

The DMC World DJ Championships is a DJ competition hosted by Disco Mix Club (DMC), which has been held annually since 1985. The event has become renowned as the ultimate DJ battle, and many world-renowned turntablists have entered the event. DJs compete from all over the world including USA, France, UK, Japan, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Brazil, Australia, Belgium, Finland, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand and more.

But this isn’t JFB’s only World Champion Title, earlier this year he won the DMC World Beat Juggling Champion Title, and the DMC World Team Champions Title with UK team mate DJ Angelo, now racking a up an extraordinary 3 World Champion Title wins within one year.

He’s been congratulated on his win from DJ’s across the globe including DJ Jazzy Jeff commenting on his Instagram “Super Congrats my brother!!!!”and Fat Boy Slim has described JFB as “”the thinking man’s Grandmaster Flash”.

Having long been established as the UK’s leading scratch DJ, JFB adds these to his previous competition wins including the Vestax/Radio 1 Competition Winner 2003, UK DMC Champion 2007, 2011, 2015, 2020, Red Bull Thre3style European & African Wildcard Champion 2016, Red Bull Thre3style World Championship finalist 2016 and IDA UK Technical Champion 2019.

The competition results were live streamed, but JFB is no stranger to TV screens and big live audiences, having been seen on TV Worldwide for several months this past three years on all major sports channels, as the resident DJ for the televised International Swimming League matches.

JFB comments “I’m absolutely so happy right now! I was driving from Brighton to Leeds (UK) for a gig with my friend. We had to pull over at a random carpark to watch the finals! Straight after, we drove to the gig which turned out to be an amazing packed out rave with multiple rooms each hosting a different genre of underground bass music. I was headlining the Drum & Bass room. The crowd were amazing! I had one of the best gigs mixing and scratching D&B on a loud sound system to an awesome crowd, it was the perfect way to celebrate winning!”

JFB adds “Turntablism is heading to infinity & beyond!! There’s absolutely no argument now that the Turntable is a real instrument, technology and humans are getting better and better.. It’s time Turntablism heads to the spotlight!”

Who knows what’ll be next for JFB with the universe at his turntables.