Sussex based jewellery company Jana Reinhardt have recently begun a partnership with UK charity the National Animal Welfare Trust

Sussex based jewellery company Jana Reinhardt have recently begun a partnership with UK charity the National Animal Welfare Trust, making a donation to the NAWT for each sale made this month using a special NAWT code. To read more about this partnership visit here. 
This Christmas, the brand is also making it easy for shoppers to make a charitable gift to animal charities when they buy a piece of their jewellery. Passionate about animal welfare, the brand founders Jana and Ross have created several exclusive pieces intended to raise funds for animal welfare charities including Galgos Del Sol (who work to rehome greyhounds) and OVAID (who provide vets and aid for endangered Orangutans).

Here are the special pieces and causes that Jana Reinhardt will be supporting this festive season: 

Greyhound hoop earrings and necklace – from £110 & £95

Adorn your ears and make a difference to a dog’s life, £10 from the sale of each pair of these unique greyhound hoop earrings – and our greyhound necklace – will be donated to Galgos del Sol, a charity that rescues and rehomes greyhounds. Galgos are an ancient type of greyhound that are unfortunately one of the world’s most abused dog breeds, with tens of thousands killed each year in Spain.

Our gorgeous greyhound earrings and necklace can be made in sterling silver or 18ct yellow gold vermeil and feature a hand-carved pup, captured mid-run. Master goldsmith Jana wanted to show the dogs in a ‘happy’ running pose, rather than in ‘racing’ position, to show her opposition to greyhound racing.

Orangutan necklace – from £95

According to the WWF, the destruction of the rainforests means there are only 100,000 Bornean orangutans left. If you love these special creatures as much as Jana, you’ll adore this unique pendant featuring a finely hand-carved miniature monkey charm, swinging from a fine curb chain.

£20 of each sale will be donated to OVAID – a charity that helps these endangered animals by providing veterinary equipment and medicines and sending vets to orangutan rescue groups and centres in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Fox Necklace – from £149

Against fox hunting and love fox themed jewellery? This pendant is the one for you! £10 from each one sold goes to Keep the Ban, a campaign set up to stop the hunting act repeal.  Handmade from a choice of highly polished precious metals, your new foxy friend is nestled underneath a sparkling 1.5mm gem stone. Choose from green sapphire or a brown, or white diamond.