SUSSEX LEARNS TO SMELL AGAIN AbScent and Living Room Health partner for smell training

SUSSEX LEARNS TO SMELL AGAIN AbScent and Living Room Health partner for smell training

AbScent, the charity caring about people touched by smell loss is joining forces with Living Room Heath for a smell training workshop. Living Room Health is Sussex’s new accessible and affordable healthcare clinic. The workshops will look to fill the gap in provision for people suffering from smell loss.

Around a quarter of a million people (250,000) in Sussex have experienced smell loss during the Covid pandemic. Some of these people are still experiencing problems with their smell and taste.

More than 4 million people in the UK have experienced smell and taste loss. Of these people, *research reveals that 46% also experience smell distortions: Parosmia is a distorted odour with a known source e.g. onions smell like rotten meat; and phantosmia is a smell sensation without a source e.g. random cigarette smoke without source.

Chrissi Kelly, Founder, AbScent, said; “We are very proud to be bringing smell training to Living Room Health. Our work with researchers and scientists around the world to better understand the function of the olfactory sense is crucial for the future. But it is the work that we do with people who are suffering with little support and understanding that really encapsulates our values. We know that people struggle to get help. We are delighted to be able to help people and thanks so much to Living Room Health for making this happen.”

Simon Checkley, CEO, Living Room Health, said; “We know that there is a real need for support for people experiencing smell loss. We are very happy that we can partner with AbScent to provide this service that will benefit so many people. We applaud AbScent’s work in helping people with smell loss and we encourage people to come in and ask for help because it is available if you need it.”

Smell training is one of the only treatments evidenced to improve smell. Smell training is the process of actively sniffing the same four scents every day, spending around 20 seconds on each scent with intense concentration. It is easy, safe, and recommended by doctors. Anyone can do smell training if they would like to improve their sense of smell.

Smell training takes place on 30th November at 4.30pm. Sessions take one hour and are tutored by AbScent Founder, Chrissi Kelly. Additional dates will be scheduled – to book please click on link below:

AbScent is a charity registered in England and Wales since 2019 and has created an unrivalled resource of trusted information delivered by a distinguished advisory board and working with the latest scientific and clinical evidence. AbScent advocates to increase understanding and raise awareness of the conditions and their impacts supporting research into smell conditions.

Living Room Health is dedicated to bringing affordable and accessible self-pay healthcare to Britain’s High Streets. The clinic is the first to offer on-site walk-in MRI scanning and services including allergy, blood and genetic testing; orthopaedic diagnostic and treatment services; non-surgical pain injections; nutritional and menopausal expertise; immediate appointments with GPs; health supplements; plus, immediate access to world-renowned clinicians.

For help please visit AbScent’s website . For more information,