Sweden shares 15 unique spots for travellers to rejuvenate in the natural landscape

Sweden shares 15 unique spots for travellers to rejuvenate in the natural landscape

September 2020 Visit Sweden is sharing its unique spots for visitors to immerse themselves in the beautiful natural landscape, after a time where many have spent a prolonged period indoors. The country, which was recently added to the UK travel corridors list, is 70% covered with forest and is home to open landscapes with quiet lakes, miles of coastlines, and thousands of islands. It is not only the sparsely populated North that boasts lush wilderness, cities throughout the country have lakes, meadows, forests, scenic coastal paths, and vast archipelagos around the corner, which makes nature easy to reach wherever visitors go.

To inspire travel, Visit Sweden has curated 15 unique experiences in the country’s most fascinating natural surroundings. The tourist board is already known for its successful wellness focused initiatives, such as the “The 72 Hour Cabin” study, which highlighted that three days immersed in nature reduced negative emotions and lowered stress levels.

Research shows that just twenty minutes in nature is enough to lower stress hormone levels*, one of the many benefits of outdoor holidays which are known to improve both mental and physical health. Spending time in green areas has a positive impact on several health conditions, such as lower blood pressure, cortisol, and heart rate.**

From an outdoor design concept, to a sustainability focused dining experience tucked into the woodlands, to midnight paddle boarding, there are a number of atmospheric experiences that bring visitors into the natural surroundings. From a one-bedroom former observation bunker, to a new lighthouse hotel and floating cabins, Sweden also boasts a range of unique accommodation options:

1.       Meditate at Bergaliv’s beautiful nature cabin (Hälsingland)

Bergaliv offers panoramic views along the Ljusnan River Valley, across the neighboring meadows over to the dense forests beyond. This minimalistic yet beautiful cabin, designed by Swedish architect Hanna Michelson, is built with pale ash and birchwood, and the upper floor’s open terrace has magnificent, unobstructed views — the perfect place to meditate. Read more

2.    Stay carbon neutral on Zero Island (Roslagen)

An eco-paradise in the Swedish archipelago is the Nolla Cabin on the island of Lidö, just north of Stockholm. The Nolla Cabin was part of the Zero Island project aiming to make the island of Lidö carbon neutral by working with every aspect of sustainability in connection to food, energy, accommodation, waste and transport. Here, guests will live in a unique and completely carbon-neutral cottage with the sea visible from the glass front Read more

3.    Dine amongst the forest at Stedsans in the Woods (Halland)

In the middle of the woods and near the lake lies this incredible restaurant where the former Copenhagen restaurant stars, Mette Helbæk and Flemming Hansen, live and work with nature. The resort has a 100% self-sufficiency approach, with all meat and dairy produce coming from the region and can be enjoyed at the off-the-grid restaurant where everything is cooked over fire. For overnight stays, Stedsans offers cabins and a relaxing spa area by the lake. Read more

4.    Explore the evolving design concept ArkNat (The High Coast)

ArkNat is an evolving design concept made up of nine different shelters designed by leading Scandinavian architect students. One of the shelters, known as ‘He’, is an alternative wind shelter for the lone hiker, offering a magnificent view of the surrounding landscapes. ArkNat merges nature and architecture to create beautiful spaces for visitors to connect with themselves and the surrounding nature. Read more

5.    Floating cabins at Naturbyn (Värmland)

‘Naturbyn, meaning nature village in Swedish, offers a ‘back-to-basics’ experience where visitors will live and breathe the surrounding nature. With cabins situated on land, floating in the water and even up in the trees, this is not an average campsite. Visitors will find this hidden treasure in the midst of the Swedish woods, where they can also enjoy activities including canoeing, swimming, hiking, and relax in the sauna.  Read more

6.    Immerse yourself in the landscape at KABIN (Gästrikland)

Just over two hours north of Stockholm in Lake Fjärden stands KABIN, where guests will be situated on an isolated island surrounded by nothing but lush greenery, towering pine trees and the nature’s silence. Guests can soak up the sun on the terrace, forage for berries, plunge into the lake, star gaze whilst lying on a springy bed of moss, island hop by canoe, fish or light a romantic campfire before retiring to bed. Read more

7.    Be serenaded by nature at Vallen Remote Hotel (Hälsingland)

Located in the fairy-tale forests of Hälsingland, this 17th-century farmer’s cabin offers a unique experience in typical Swedish surroundings, with an inspirational mix of classical and contemporary Swedish design. Nature is literally on the doorstep here. Wander through the tall spruce forests whilst being serenaded by nature’s music, or take an idyllic bike ride to a nearby lake for a refreshing dip. Read more

8.       Indigenous experience at Sápmi Nature Camp (Swedish Lapland)

The award-winning Sápmi Nature Camp, owned and operated by a local Sámi family, encourages guests to experience the arctic indigenous life in this Laponia World Heritage Area. Offering both autumn and winter package tours, visitors will experience unique vast landscapes with unspoiled arctic nature where Sámi people have lived for thousands of years. Read more

9.    A one-room hotel at Falknästet (Skåne)

At the far end of the Kulla peninsula, next to Sweden’s highest located 16th-century lighthouse, lies this breathtaking hotel, consisting of only one room. The hotel is a former observation bunker from the cold war that has been rebuilt and repurposed. The windows face the sea, so guests will witness the sun setting below the horizon, making it the perfect place for a romantic stay. Read more

10. Digital detox in the Hermit Cabin (Gotland)

In the northeastern corner of the island of Gotland – less than one-hour’s flight from Stockholm – the remote peninsula of Furillen can be found. In the wild landscape around Furillen, the Hermit Cabin offers a real off-the-grid vacation. Strip away from Wi-Fi, running water and electricity, this is an opportunity to truly relaxation in nature. Designed by Mats Theselius, this is widely recognized as one of the best digital detox holidays. Read more

11. Experience world-leading design at Artic Bath (Swedish Lapland)

Arctic Bath, launched earlier this year, has been recognised as one of the world’s best new hotels for its breathtaking architecture. The architects also behind the equally bombastic and nearby, Treehotel, have designed the spa inspired by the log driving that historically took place here. Arctic Bath offers cabins on both land and on water, built with Swedish design using natural and sustainable materials. Read more

12. NEW lighthouse hotel Pater Noster (West Sweden)

At the far end of the west coast archipelago, this barren island can be found. For one hundred years, the lighthouse on Hamneskär guided ships through these infamous and feared waters. Today, thanks to a couple of enthusiasts who have restored the houses, the nine bedroom hotel offers guests the opportunity to explore the previously inaccessible island, with its dramatic nature and accompanied by the lighthouse’s fascinating history. Read more

13. The iconic Treehotel (Swedish Lapland)

In the northern parts of Sweden in the midst of a pinewood forest, lies this architectural highlight. Childhood fantasies will come to life in these tree houses, suspended 4-10 meters above the ground. Choose from different designs such as the Mirrorcube, covered in reflective glass, or the Bird’s Nest, designed to look just like a gigantic bird’s nest. The Treehotel is the ultimate place to experience forest bathing the Swedish way.  Read more

14. Unwind at the 72 hour Cabins (West Sweden)

A one-hour drive north of Gothenburg is Dalsland; home to these truly unique glass cabins. Designed by architect, Jeanna Berger, the cabins offer a perfect place to experience the calming effect of Swedish nature. Choose to stay in a cabin located on a private island overlooking the Ånimmen lake, or in a cabin deep in the pine forests. Apart from enjoying the spectacular view and the peace and tranquility of nature, there are also a wide range of activities to further explore Swedish nature. Read more

15.    Stay in the ‘Bird’s Nest’ at Granö Beckasin (Västerbotten)

Granö Beckasin is located in the northern parts of Sweden, among pine trees and overlooking the Umeriver. The eco-hotel is home to the ‘bird’s nest’ – a tree house with a hotel-standard room built among the treetops in the surrounding woods. Guests can enjoy a strenuous ride with dog sleds, learn more about nature’s medicinal plants on site in the woods, sink into our hot tub under a starry sky or book a full weekend with yoga. During the summer months, there is ‘Midnight Paddling’ on the tranquil Umea River. Read more

For further information, visit VisitSweden.com