Switch to Beautiful Cloth Nappies with Pim Pam

Switch to Beautiful Cloth Nappies with Pim Pam

Newly launched reusable nappy brand Pim Pam puts the beauty into changing little bottoms with its covetable new collection. The Brighton-based label was conceived by an illustrator whilst on maternity leave and boasts a wide selection of unique designs, from simple Scandi-inspired patterns to hand drawn animals and motifs.

Pim Pam specialises in pocket nappies, which come with a waterproof shell adorned with a charming print and fasten with adjustable snaps. Each nappy is lined with super-soft microfleece to keep baby’s skin dry and wicks away the moisture to the absorbent part of the nappy – the booster (each nappy comes with two bamboo terry and microfibre inserts for extra absorbency). Pim Pam’s pocket nappies come in ‘one-size-fits-most’ (8-10lbs to 35lbs), designed to grow with a newborn until they are potty-trained.

Press Release Founder Aless Baylis says: “I was staggered by the amount of plastic being thrown away with disposables, so I got to work. It’s been a dream come true to combine my illustrations with such a sustainable product.”

Pim Pam is also a destination for memorable baby gifts, with thoughtfully designed roll-up changing mats, wet bags, reusable wipes and toys. The brand is also set to launch exclusive collaborations in the spring with Nappy Gurus, Onr. Shop and eco household brand Fill.

Reusable versus Disposable Nappies Inaccurate information exists over whether reusable nappies really are better for the environment than disposables. Updated studies conclude that in fact, they certainly are: It takes 10 times more water to produce disposable nappies that the water used to wash reusables and over 1,500 litres of crude oil to produce enough single-used nappies for one child (from birth to 2.5 years).

A disposable nappy is mainly composed of wood pulp and the production of it is highly water intensive and can be a source of deforestation. There is a thriving second-hand market for reusable nappies and using them for siblings dramatically reduces the cost of investment. Pim Pam nappies should be washed at 30 degrees and line-dried, further reducing the environmental impact required to maintain them.


Pim Pam was launched in June 2020 by Brighton-based illustrator and mother Aless Baylis. It was whilst on maternity leave with her daughter Lola that she was struck by the amount of disposable nappies that she was consuming, and decided to create her own brand of cloth styles.

Combining her unique illustrations, appreciation for well-designed products and a sustainable concept, Pim Pam was born. In addition to desirable unisex pocket nappies, Pim Pam creates beautiful changing mats, toys and a range of handy bags.