Zoe Lyons

Take a Hike

By Zoe Lyons

I think it must be a result of my advancing years but more and more I find pleasure in less and less. That is not a morose statement you understand, I am not suggesting that I struggle to find the joy in anything but rather the things that I find joy in are what could be classified as the “little things in life”.

For example I have recently discovered that I can actually improve my mood by donning a colourful sock instead of my usual standard black affair. Not a novelty sock people, I have not yet reached that point in my life when adorning myself in tiny Fred Flintstones or Bugs Bunnies has become acceptable to me. Just a sock of a different hue, that is all. It gives me a little buzz as I see a flash of red foot disappear into my winter boots.

I have also taken to garnishing my lunch time sandwich with a stuffed olive pierced with a tooth pick and stabbed into the sandwich lid. This simply gastronomic accessory turns a dull lunch of meat between two dough sheets into something far more classy. I pretend that I am in a New York deli chowing down on my club sandwich and enjoying a bottomless cup of coffee while I muse over the next chapter of the Thriller I am working on.

But I think my simplest pleasure in life is walking. I am very aware that there are many more exciting outdoor activities to participate in. When one thinks of going for a walk it hardly sets the pulse racing with the preemptive excitement associated with Base jumping or surfing a monster wave but I really dig it. To strut, to stroll to saunter to take in the world at a walking pace.

I walk at least three times a day granted in part because I am the owner of an energetic and some what irascible terrier who makes sure I surface every morning and see to his ablutions. For me a fully house trained dog would be able to use a flushing loo but sadly my terriers tiny legs make this a physical impossibility. So we stride out every morning and once I have got over the horror of getting out of the warm bed and into the chill air I love being up and about.

I love walking with friends too. Walking makes for a different direction in conversation. Don’t get me wrong I think sitting in a pub with pals sinking jars and talking twaddle is brilliant, I can do it for hours (pints) and I am a master at it but walking together changes the pace of things. We have all had those “walks and talks”, the deep and meaningful meanders chatting about life, love chocolate chip or rum and raisin. I think it is an essential part if life, why else would thousands of people chose to spend their Sunday afternoons when the air is clear and sky blue simply walking the length of Brighton and Hove promenade? Because it is one of life’s simple pleasures and as the  American stand up comedian Steven Wright said “Everywhere is within walking distance….. If you have the time”.

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