Tapas Revolution Cook at Home meal kits review

Tapas Revolution Cook at Home meal kits review

Get caught up in the passion, colours tastes and sounds of Spain with Tapas revolution by celebrity chef and culinary wizard Omar Allibhoy with his soon to be launched cook at home meal kits!

Tapas Revolution believes that food, like life, is indeed best when sharing with friends and people you love. Omar Allibhoy opened his first Tapas Revolution in Shepherd’s Bush in 2010 and by 2015 the revolution had spread outside of London with new branches opening in Birmingham, Newcastle, Bath and Sheffield. As well as running a successful business, Omar has won several awards and built a career as a popular TV chef. We were blown away by our experience when we visited his newly opened Brighton restaurant earlier this year, so when we were offered to try out a preview of his soon to be launched cook at home meal kits we nearly bit his hand off!

We were privileged to meet Omar when we visited Tapas Revolution in Brighton, and he very kindly gave us a signed copy of his cook-book. My cooking skills leave a lot to be desired so when I have tried cooking some of the dishes we tried at his restaurant I produced somewhat mixed results. So I was somewhat relieved that when our box arrived with all the premium ingredients in clearly labelled high performance thermal insulated packages with some very easy to follow instructions including a QR code you can scan to bring up instruction videos. The instructions come in the form of a step by step guide so you can serve all the dishes together when they are cooked. Even I could not mess this up. So I invited a friend Nick round the following day for a slap up tapas lunch!

Somehow, in between opening the box and Nick arriving I lost the instructions! After a panicky search around my shoebox Hove apartment I realised my wife must have thrown it out in one of her tidying sprees.  Once I had laid everything out on the side I realised Omar has made it so easy that the instructions are a mere luxury and I could work it all out for myself. So we got cracking on the six delectable dishes, Croquetas de Jamon, Chorizo A La Sidra, Patatas Bravas, Bacalao Con Piperrada, and Codillo Con Piquillos, with a dessert of Cremoso De Chocolate.

We cooked it all at once and the whole process took around thirty to forty-five minutes. Everything turned out perfectly! The Chorizo had a lovely delicate smoky flavour and was of an obvious high quality and expertly cooked if I do say so myself, any fat had dissolved and left a nice meaty sausage, and the reduced cider sauce had a lovely tang. The croquettes were just sublime, with a crisp shell revealing a decadent gooey cheese and ham centre which was just heavenly. The classic side tapas patatas bravas came out lovely and crisp and drizzled in a punchy spicey tomato sauce and creamy aiolli. It was the dishes we were most worried about cooking without the instructions that stole the show however. The Bacalao on pipperada (pan roasted scottish loin of cod with slow cooked red peppers and onions), and Codillo Con Piquillos (Iberian pork shank and Piquillo peppers). They both came out beautifully, the delicate cod flaked at the meer touch of my fork and the peppers and onions only highlighted the sweet delicate flavour of the meat. The pork shank, lovely and crisp on the outside and tender in the middle with a gorgeous natural flavour that went perfectly with the sweet juicy peppers. Also topped with a mouth-watering salsa verde that added a whole extra dimension to this beautiful dish!

Dessert was easiest to prepare, a baked creamy chocolate fondant with a hint of orange and some crisp caramel encased praline nuts which we simply crushed and scattered over the mousse. It was  insanely good! Velvety smooth and incredibly rich yet fun to eat with wonderful contrasting textures.

It was so lovely to be able to be able to experience the luxurious food we have come to know and love from Tapas Revolution in the comfort of my own home. Everything about our meal was perfect and it was rather fun finishing off the cooking and serving it all up at home, even if I did lose the instructions. It was easy to cook and everything tasted delicious I thoroughly recommend you order a meal from them at your earliest opportunity when they launch this amazing product on 13th December.

Tony Shattell

Order online at www.tapasrevolution.com/cook-at-home