Amazing Value Winter Sun:

Travellers can benefit from some amazing deals right now and in the current economic climate Sri Lanka offers one of the best values when it comes to Winter Sun with hotels competitively priced and as of November the exchange arete was 1 GBP to 413 LKR, in comparison to April 2022 when it was 145 LKR. Save on UK heating bills and spend the Winter in Sri Lanka?


If the pandemic taught us anything it was to tread just a little bit softer, enjoy our own company, and cherish those close to us. Sri Lanka currently offers mile upon mile of uninterrupted sand between your toes, more chance of spotting the elusive leopard or take a stroll on part of the brand new 200 mile Pekoe Trail through the mountain villages of the Tea Mountains.

75th Anniversary. On the 4th of February 2023 Sri Lanka will celebrate its 75th National Day and visitors are invited to join the Sri Lankan people as they celebrate country wide with dances, parades, festivals and performances. The main celebrations taking place in the capital city of Colombo with its increasing number of achingly cool rooftop restaurants and bars.

Wellness and Wellbeing:

The Ayuverdjc spas are legendary – if you are looking to start to 2023 with a detoxed body and mind then look no further than the historic wellbeing treatment of Auyverda. With first recordings of Ayurveda more than 5,000 years ago in Sanskrit Sri Lanka offers retreats from three days to two weeks with the guarantee of a rejuvenated return to normal life.


Sri Lanka is a melting pot of flavours influenced by Arab Traders, Malay navigators, Portuguese, Dutch, and even British colonists have all had some input into the Sri Lankan cuisine. The diversity of influences on Sri Lanka means it’s impossible to generalise, each region has its own unique dishes and their own way of cooking. A true foody can take part in a food trip from North to South of the island – from making crab curry on Delft Island off the North Coast to stilt fishing in the South.


The island of Sri Lanka still offers real adventure. From climbing waterfalls to a tuk tuk safari with local farmers in search of crocodiles and elephants to discovering wild ponies on an island off the Northern Coast and so much more. Sri Lanka offers raw and untapped adventures for everyone including the new Knuckles Mountain range – living with slash and burn chena farmers which is 3 hours walk from nearest road.

Architecture and Design:

2023 marks 20 years since the death of the great Geoffrey Bawa and October 2023 marked the 100-year birth anniversary of Ena De Silva. Geoffrey Manning Bawa, was among the most influential architects of his generation in the world and examples of his incredible work can be seen all over the island and Ena was a legendary figure in the revival of arts and crafts in this country. Sri Lanka has so much to show in terms of incredible architecture – from the first temples all the way through to incredible new architects.

Arts and Literature. With two booker prize winners under its belt, new art trails launching daily (including the underwater museum off Galle) and the re launch of the famous Galle Literary festival Sri Lanka is a haven for literary lovers.

Learn something new:

From surf to lace work to how to make the famous hopper from a local Sri Lanka offers a host of opportunities to take away a bespoke souvenir for your loved ones and pick up a new hobby along the way.

Genuine Warmth:

And not just from the year-round good weather the island provides but also from the Sri Lankan people.  If you have travelled round the island, you will get it – the Sri Lankan smile has weathered many a storm in recent years, but it never fades, the warmth of the people never dwindles and by visiting Sri Lanka now you will be contributing to the return of tourism which will benefit over 3.5 million Sri Lankans in the industry. The pandemic also taught us to look out for our neighbours, for our communities and in returning to travel we take on a new level of travelling responsibility.
In visiting Sri Lanka now, you will be contributing to the recovery of this island and giving back. Now surely there is no warmer feeling inside?