The Basics of Football Betting: Exploring Different Wagering Options

The Basics of Football Betting: Exploring Different Wagering Options

Suppose you enjoy watching football and making an additional wager to inject more excitement into a game’s outcome. In that case, the Internet provides many opportunities for you to explore thousands of potential football betting markets. Due to the emergence of mobile gambling and Internet companies developing more markets in all fields of football betting, whether pre-match, in-play, or outright, there are many options for you to choose from.

One thing that is more important than anything when placing a sports bet is understanding the market you’re betting on. Given that there are so many markets, and then markets within those markets, many bettors are spoilt for choice. For example, the English Premier League is the most-watched league globally. Wherever there’s a huge sports audience, there is always a popular gambling market that underpins it.

You can bet on the team you think will win the Premier League outright next season. Alternatively, you can find markets for who will finish in the top four, the Golden Boot winner, and which teams will get relegated. Then, when the season starts, you can bet on a host of individual games, compound them together in an accumulator bet or bet on dozens of in-play markets once the game is underway.

Finding Premier League markets online and browsing the ones available will give you an idea of the sheer volume you can expect once the season is underway. These odds are subject to change as teams make new additions in the transfer window, and the odds get shorter or longer; it’s about digesting the data and trying to find value in the market, which can be difficult.

Common Football Betting Markets
Traditionally, the markets that tend to see the most action are head-to-head. This straightforward type of bet simply involves placing a wager on the game’s result, whether a win or a draw. However, as these markets have evolved and the ability to place a bet on your mobile phone has become more convenient and accessible, football betting companies have used this increase in revenue and visibility to provide a more streamlined and seamless experience.

Within the basic bet of a head-to-head, you can find other popular wagering options, such as the first goal scorer, or more specific outcomes on the match, such as the correct score. Often, football bettors will combine these odds. For example, Erling Haaland scoring first and Man City beating Everton 3−1 is a combination of these bets, and you’d likely get good odds because it combines several potential possibilities.

Individually, the odds might be low, especially Haaland just to score, given that he broke the Premier League goalscoring record in his first season. Likewise, betting on Everton to lose might not be the market value bet you’re looking for, given that they are one of the worst teams in the Premier League. However, they managed to spring a few surprises last year, beating Brighton & Hove Albion 5−1 to essentially secure top-flight football for another season⎯a bizarre scoreline for a team travelling to a top 6 team; Everton was 8/1 just to win the game and a scoreline of 5-1 was around 125/1.

Usually, some betting companies will provide offers where you can get enhanced odds on these common betting markets to attract customers, and they’ll package them with welcome bonuses and promotional codes to entice new customers. This is an excellent way to bet if you’re looking to find value without having to wager too much of your own cash.

Combining Odds and Finding Value in Your Football Bet
Identifying value at the beginning of the season can stretch the longevity of your bet, such as a team winning the league or finishing in a specific position. For example, Brighton has been touted as a possible outsider for the top four this season. If they can keep hold of some of their star players and bolster the squad with fresh talent, it could be a season to remember for Brighton fans. It feels like a lifetime ago when Sami Hyypia struggled to keep them in the top flight less than a decade ago.

Placing a bet on Brighton to qualify for Europe would have been a solid bet, considering Graham Potter left to try his hand at Chelsea, a decision he likely regrets. Many believe he was the driving force behind the success, but Roberto De Zerbi has proved himself more capable of performing when it matters most. Being able to process this information and how it can impact gambling markets is crucial in football betting, and although you can explore different wagering options, understanding that several moving variables can dictate a price and provide value in the market is critical to making the most of your football betting.