The Bathroom – A Luxurious Sanctuary

The perfect bathroom will combine style and functionality in equal measure and today’s bathroom has become a luxurious retreat, a soothing place where you can unwind, relax and pamper yourself after a hard day. Words by Tara de la Motte.

The key to a successful bathroom is good design and a visit to your local bath showroom, will ensure that you get the right advice on how to plan your bathroom. They will help you create a room that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing, whilst making sure that your bathing space fulfils all your needs.

The layout of your bathroom is very important, making sure there is adequate floor space for ease of access and comfort. After all, if you pack in too much your bathroom will feel cluttered and not very pleasurable to use. Most designers will recommend a margin of 60-70 cm around the key elements.

When it comes to choosing the bathroom suite,  it is essential to choose one that is in proportion to the size of the room. If space is no problem you can choose a sizeable bath, a separate shower enclosure and twin basins. However if space is limited there are many compact suites that are on the market. As an alternative, you can combine the bath and shower or simply choose between a statement bath or walk-in shower, instead of trying to fit both into a small area. For example a footed, free-standing bath will take up less space by exposing extra floor area, than a built-in-bath. Opting for wall-mounted sink, toilet and a frameless shower enclosure will too save space.

The look of Bathroom furniture is changing and this year is set to bring a new wave of curved bathroom fixtures and fittings. We will also see colour being injected into bathroom suites, as well as more wall mounted fittings that will show more flooring, enhancing the feeling of space.

Showers come in many sophisticated designs and finishes. Contemporary showers are taking centre stage at the moment and the most popular is the wet room. If the space allows, doing away with a traditional cubicle or over-bath shower has many advantages. The wet room approach allows your space to feel unrestricted and luxurious, turning your bathroom into a “Home Spa”. These wet rooms can have massaging water jets mounted on the walls, just below shoulder height which will massage both shoulder and back for the ultimate indulgence.

Not all of us have the space for a wet room and so a stand-alone shower enclosure is the answer. The modern enclosures are becoming sleeker and more minimalist with pre-coated, anti-limescale dirt repelling glass protection. Shower screens and enclosures made from tinted glass in a range of colours is fast becoming popular in todays bathroom.

WC’s are becoming more streamlined. There are wall-hung toilets that create more floor space with soft closing seats. These WC’s are more minimalist and contemporary in style.

This year we will see a range of baths in a variety of sizes, shapes and colour. There are egg shaped baths as well as curvaceous baths that are designed to cradle bathers for a more comfortable soak and is higher at one end for greater shoulder support. Many of these baths come in various colours such as dramatic red, black or clear whites.

With so many shapes, styles and materials to choose from a basin can become the focal point of your bathroom. Today sinks have become more stylish with an injection of colour – colours ranging from red, black, brown, silver and gold. Basins made from stone like marble, limestone and travertine is the popular choice at the moment, giving your bathroom that luxury hotel feeling. If you are looking for a statement piece then consider choosing a basin made from one of these natural materials.

Bathroom Taps
There are a number of tap finishes on the market. While chrome is still the leading option, more unusual finishes such as the White Lacquer / Chrome dual finish, Matt Black, Tuscan Brass, Verdigris and Copper are finding their way into designs.

The latest technological advances concentrate on water saving and so the Infrared mixer Taps, with touch-free operation, are now available in stylish looks for a domestic setting. These are designed to minimise water waste, especially by children and are also very smart in design.

Other than the main fixtures and fittings of your bathroom, don’t forget the finishing touches like – the flooring, walls, ceilings, lighting and accessories. Addressing the practical along with the aesthetic will make your bathroom a practical visual retreat.

There are great many advances in bathroom technology, all designed to make our lives easier and bathing more pleasurable.