The benefits of remote working for families

The benefits of remote working for families

While the pandemic encouraged working from home to become the new norm, many parents have felt the benefits when it comes to family life. People have learned to adapt to new ways of living and the transition appears to have made things so much easier for those with kids.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the many advantages of remote working for families.

Quality time

It’s no surprise that working from home allows people to spend more time with their families. If parents are going into the office, they may only see their young children in the morning and evening.

Remote working allows these parents to take regular breaks throughout the day so they can spend time with the kids, even if that’s just having lunch together. This extra quality time can encourage stronger bonds and create an improved work-life balance.

Sharing of household duties

It’s been found that household duties tend to be distributed fairly when working from home. As many of the chores can be done throughout the day by one of the parents, this saves their spouse or partner some time, allowing them to relax more.

Many of the household duties have to wait until parents have returned home from work, but as these can be managed as and when during the working day, jobs are completed more efficiently.

Time saving

A huge benefit of remote working is having no daily commute. Travelling to work every day can be incredibly stressful and time-consuming, causing us to rush more often than not in the mornings. Avoiding this journey to work is also a lot safer, preventing the likelihood of any accidents and you having to make a claim.

By removing the commute, parents have more time to spend with their kids at breakfast and can take them to school before starting work back at home.

Overall, the majority of people love not having to commute to work as it allows them the freedom to wake up at a slower pace so they can enjoy a more relaxed morning routine.

Reduced stress

Juggling work and family responsibilities can be super challenging and stressful. Working from home can help reduce these stress levels, especially as many are caused by the office environment.

If you have to leave the office late, you may worry about who will pick the kids up from school, causing you to worry and not be as focused as you normally would at work. Similarly, leaving work at peak times will usually have you stuck in queues of traffic, causing you to run late to grab the kids.

Remote working means you can have your own relaxed office space to focus and work productively without unnecessary stressors. Having that flexibility to deal with family duties can reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.