The Best Countries to Visit for Foodies

The Best Countries to Visit for Foodies

If you consider yourself to be a foodie then you are sure to see a holiday as a great chance to sample tantalizing local cuisine and indulge in the local food scene. Food and travel are closely intertwined and there are many incredible food destinations all over the world to choose from. Here are a few of the best.

Many people list Italian as their favourite cuisine, and it is hard to argue against this. People are often surprised at just how much better Italian food is in Italy, especially when it comes to pizza, pasta, and gelato. Of course, Italy is also a superb and very beautiful country which will only elevate your food experiences.

Again, Mexican is a cuisine that people adore in the UK. You have not truly had Mexican food until you have eaten in Mexico, though, whether this is a home-cooked meal, a restaurant or food from a taco truck (street food is often the best!).

Few countries around the world are as famous for their cuisine as India. The food here is also affordable, healthy, varied and incredibly delicious and again it plays a major part in Indian culture. A few notable highlights include tandoori chicken, samosas, masala dosa, biriyanis and naan bread all of which you will want to try on your holiday to India. You will be surprised at just how different the food is in India compared to the “Indian” that you get in the UK.

Japan is a fascinating destination for many reasons, including its culinary culture. Here you will find many unique, interesting and incredibly delicious dishes, such as Takoyaki, okonomiyaki and, of course, ramen. Japan is also a great place for all kinds of dining experiences whether this is a gourmet meal or street food in an incredible city like Tokyo.

You have not truly experienced tapas until you have had it in Spain hopping from place-to-place sampling tantalizing small dishes (and Spanish wine!). It is the quality of the ingredients that make all the difference here, especially when it comes to meat and seafood.

There are many good reasons to visit Thailand, including the amazing food here. Thai cuisine is hugely diverse, and you often get multiple flavours in one dish for a completely unique experience. For street food lovers, Thailand is the place to be and strolling through the marketplaces will be an incredible experience for the sense.

The US is also a great place for foodies and somewhere that is easy with kids as it is never too hard to find a good burger here! Every city and area has its own specialties and a lot of love goes into the food whether you are in LA, New York or anywhere else.

If you consider yourself a foodie, then these are the places that should be on your holiday shortlist.