The Best Of Health

Words by Sarah Hitchman

With summer approaching fast it’s about time to book those flights and start dreaming about the annual holiday or dig out the tent and start preparing for festival fun and frolics, either way for most of us this is the time of year to start considering how we look. After months of overindulgence and the use of the wonderful invention the jumper, pounds can creep on and before you know it you no longer need the belt let alone that extra whole.

The word detox springs to mind however it can be a daunting thought if never considered yet undertaken, It’s is however a great way to cleanse your system and prepare your body for what’s to come. Here are a few tips to encourage weight loss, improve muscle condition and enhance the appearance of your body, hair skin and nails in fact an overall feeling of improved well being.

Swap your morning tea or coffee for fennel tea, a mild diuretic with anti inflammatory properties which will help flush excess fluid and toxins from your system, Kick start your metabolism with a protein Packed poached egg or some wholegrain cereal.

Introduce mackerel or chicken high in protein and omega 3 and beetroot to your regular lunchtime salad as this power packed vegetable owes its velvet rich colour to beta-cyanin a clever dye which assists the detox of the liver which is responsible for fat digestion and disposal.

Add a healthy mid afternoon snack to your daily routine via a small handful of Brazil nuts, packed with healthy fats and selenium a mineral which produces the active thyroid hormone primarily responsible for regulation of the metabolism they are also packed with vitamin E essential for protecting your hair and skin in the sun.

Enjoy oily fish such as salmon for your dinner as it contains high levels of omega oils essential for strong, healthy and shiny hair; made of protein be sure to eat adequate levels in order to support it. Accompany with broccoli, leafy greens and sweet potato rich in nutrients ideal for producing and strengthening collagen which makes our skin look its best. Finish with a kiwi fruity and some strawberries full of vitamin C responsible for that fresher face look we all crave.

Drink at least two litres of water a day and remember consuming alcohol and enjoying the heat will cause dehydration, coconut water is full of electrolytes and will replace fluid levels in the body. Avoid carbonated drinks as they are generally full of sugar and will bloat your stomach.

Try this quick and easy juice to remove unwanted toxins from your system providing you with an instant pick me up. Simply blend a large handful of watercress, half an avocado a handful of spinach leaves, a pinch of mint, the juice of a fresh lime and a large spoonful of green tea leaves.

Add 20 minutes of cardio vascular exercise such as jogging, cycling or swimming to your daily routine twice per week and a resistance session such as circuit training or a supervised toning class once per week. This will encourage the utilisation of energy and alter the ration of lean tissue to fat.

An intense effective method of manipulation designed to minimise fatty deposits that build up, encourage circulation and aid lymphatic drainage. Combining body brushing, this method and essential oils it’s proven to assist in the activation of fat dissolving molecules and inhibit the storage of further lipids it will significantly improve the feel and appearance of your body.

Try to apply some if not all of the above information to your weekly activities and trust me you will see improvements popping up all over.