The Breakfast club at Christmas A Review

The Breakfast club at Christmas A Review

Grab life by the baubles and dive head-first into The Breakfast Club’s Christmas 2021 spread.

It’s been a while since I stepped foot in the Breakfast club on Market Street and experienced their cool Miami Vice café vibes, and I’m not entirely sure why as I absolutely adore the place! I mean, what’s not to like? Not only do they serve my favourite meal of the day, all day long, but they have also refined in the art of ‘good fun’, this Brighton hotspot is a space for all things eggs, fat stacks of pancakes, sandwiches, burgers and lots more! Whether you are reminiscing about your teenage years in the 80’s or simply looking to experience some exciting pop culture, The Breakfast Club Café is the perfect place to walk down memory lane and have a good time. The other day I got wind of their fantastically festive Christmas specials, including buttermilk fried turkey and waffles, deep-fried Camembert Christmas sandwiches, baked truffle mac and cheese with plenty of trimmings and triple chocolate quality street topped pancake stacks! I simply could not resist paying them another visit!

launched in 2005 with its first café on D’Arblay Street in Soho. Founded by best friends Jonathan Arana-Morton and Alison Rooney, their vision was to create the sort of café they loved when they were growing up – a place where everybody knew your name; a café that was about more than just the food and drink you put in your belly, but the way it made you feel.  All of the cafes have a different theme and Brighton’s is Miami Vice. The decor features quirky trinkets, retro memorabilia and art adorned walls as well as cool 80’s rock anthems belting out of the speakers, which altogether instantly put a smile on my face before we have even sat down in our cool American diner style booth!

Having built up an appetite throughout the day especially for our visit we don’t hold back when we order our feast. I plump for the Breakfast club Christmas Camembert Sandwich and upgrade my fries, which are included, to the truffle parmesan fries and add bacon to my sandwich on recommendation from our waitress. My companion not feeling the festive spirit, but equally as hungry as I am, picks the Breakfast Burger from the main menu, with a side of mac & cheese. I remember how indulgently delectable the shakes are from my previous visits and order a  “Wakey Shakey” vanilla and espresso shake to wash it all down, which arrives promptly and I guzzle it all down before our meal arrives whilst making unashamedly loud noises of approval with each slurp! The shakes at breakfast club really are some of the best in town and I could go back time and time again just to have one of them.

Our food did not take long to arrive, and my Christmas Camembert sandwich, as its name suggests is bursting with cheesy festive flavours. The patty consists of a lovely golden herby carapace of crunch which when bit releases a golden oozing cheesy centre that is oh so satisfying. Topped with a delicious hearty brussell sprout bubble and squeak and a big handful of crunchy parsnip shavings. The incredibly rich flavours and textures all working in harmony to produce a masterpiece that has all the essences of Christmas encased in delicious sourdough. Bravo! Loved the truffle fries too! With just enough truffle shavings to give them that lovely rich flavour but still get the taste of the chips. My companion wolfed down his breakfast burger which had all the best elements you would expect in a full English in a tasty sandwich, and we ended up sharing the mac & cheese as after I cheekily took a forkful I decided it was just too good not to keep going.

Our waitress looked a bit shocked when she came back to find we had finished everything we ordered, and even more so when we ordered the special Christmas dessert to share… A triple chocolate pancake stack, cherry compote, marbled vanilla & chocolate cream and a jug of maple syrup to pour over the top. Plus a lucky dip Quality Street topping. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when it arrived. It really was a stack, and they certainly didn’t scrimp on the compote or marbled cream. Not only that, they must have emptied nearly an entire box of quality street on top of it. We were in dessert heaven it all tasted as good as it looked and was certainly great fun to eat.

We had a great time at the Breakfast club and their special festive menu really is a treat. Much like an actual Christmas dinner we were so full after we could barely move. Of course breakfasts do take centre stage, but there’s something for everyone and at any time of the day at The Breakfast Club. The atmosphere is buzzy and the staff are really friendly and attentive. After our visit I certainly wont be leaving it so long till our next!

Tony Shattell

The Breakfast Club

16-17 Market Street