Pop Up Brighton Presents The Cells

Pop-Up Brighton Presents The Cells

Pop-up Brighton was founded in 2011 by young illustrator Ashleigh Ward. The concept behind the idea was to allow artists to be able to showcase their artwork to the public, for free since at the time there was lack of opportunity.

Pop-Up Brighton is now approaching its 5th birthday and they are celebrating that they have helped over 1000 artist for free and held over 30 shows.  This April Pop-Up Brighton is bringing together an entirely new experience to the Brighton art scene.

Press release below

A new kind of immersive art experience is happening beneath Brighton this April. Pop-Up Brighton is bringing together visual art, sculpture, illustration, light art, projection, sound art, performance and dance, and inviting guests to experience the installations in the atmospheric setting of abandoned police cells.

Each cell will host something different – some visible only through the peep hole on the door, and others offering an intimate, immersive performance. One thing is for sure – all senses will be engaged.

Visitors will be pooled together and escorted around the venue in small groups, whilst adopting the alter-ego of the life, and afterlife of a famous prisoner. Prior to entering, and upon leaving, guests will be entertained with themed jail-themed cocktails.

Speaking ahead of the event, Ashleigh Ward of Pop-Up Brighton says:

“This project is a very exciting one for me. I’ve been running Pop-Up Brighton for 5 years now, pushing limits with unusual shows, but this stands  out as one of the most enticing so far. Bringing together all these different types of art forms means it’s not
just an exhibition – it’s going to be an experience to remember.”

Tickets are limited to 150 and will go on sale mid April via www.popupbrighton.com

More info can be found at the Facebook event page.

Old Police Cells
29th April, 7-11pm
Old Police Cells, Brighton Town Hall