The Essential Men’s Styles for a Casual Valentine’s Day

The Essential Men’s Styles for a Casual Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. Some will snort in derision at the very mention of Cupid’s bow, completely bypassing the bombardment of chocolate love hearts and closing their ears to anything that remotely sounds like a poem; others, however, become completely swept up in the romance of the holiday and view it as one of the biggest days of the year.

Whichever camp you fall into, the season of love is always a perfect excuse for updating your wardrobe and upping your style game. After all, if there’s a single day of the year you want to make sure you look good, it’s this one.

While many guys will undoubtedly be on the hunt for a snappy new suit or designer jacket, the vast majority of us will be gearing up for a much more casual evening. So, whether you’re taking a date to see a film, for a quick bite to eat or plan on curling up in front of Netflix together, here are the best outfits for a more laid-back Valentine’s Day.

Combat the Cold in a Comfortable Puffer Jacket

Since temperatures seem to have dropped to near-Arctic levels recently, the first thing you’re going to need is a comfortable coat. More specifically, you should consider getting hold of a stylish puffer jacket to combat the elements and keep looking good this Valentine’s Day.

Designed to trap warm air and typically coming with cosy thermal lining, puffer jackets are perhaps more closely associated with hiking and exploring the great outdoors. Of course, for those of you planning to embark on a romantic winter walk next February, this makes the puffer one of the best men’s coats you could go for.

Most important of all, however, is the fact that puffer jackets go with absolutely everything. Skinny jeans. Sweatpants. Plaid shirts. You name it– a great puffer can be paired with just about anything, offering a distinctive look that seamlessly combines the worlds of style and comfort.

Keep Things Smart in Skinny Jeans

Perhaps once claimed by hipsters and black-haired teens in studded belts, the beauty of the skinny jean lies in the fact you can wear it for almost any occasion. Typically worn in black and tightly hugging the bottom of the legs, skinny jeans could be worn at the office one day and on a crazy night out the next.

Although they’re perhaps only suitable for guys of a certain body type, the versatility of skinny jeans makes them an essential addition to your Valentine’s Day wardrobe. Regardless of whether you’re going out on the town or having a quiet night at home, skinny jeans have become a staple of smart-casual menswear in recent times.

Stay Warm in a Stylish Flannel Shirt

At times, it feels as though the flannel shirt can do no wrong. Smart enough to make it clear you’ve made some kind of effort with your outfit, yet casual enough to fit in with the laid-back evening you have planned, flannel shirts are a fantastic option for your February 14th wardrobe.

Made from thick, high-quality materials and sporting all manner of colourful check patterns, these shirts are notoriously stylish and practical, providing wearers with a classic lumberjack-look and helping to fight off the winter cold. Roll up the sleeves and leave the buttons open (obviously with a t-shirt underneath) to stay casual, or keep it buttoned-up and paired with some dark jeans to keep things a little smarter. Either way, flannel shirts are just about as manly as men’s clothes gets.

Cosy Up in a Pair of Joggers

For some people, Valentine’s Day provides the perfect excuse for ordering a takeaway and cosying up in front of the telly– and there’s obviously absolutely nothing wrong with that. If that’s the kind of evening you have planned, however, then you’ll still need to make sure you’ve upped your game in the wardrobe department.

Well, you just can’t go wrong with a comfortable pair of joggers. Famous for their stretchy design and soft materials, joggers and sweatpants are the perfect apparel for relaxing at home or even heading out for a super-casual date. Those that are tapered at the leg tend to look much smarter, but this is really down to your personal preference and where you plan on wearing them.

In fact, the jogger has come an unbelievably long way since its days as a simple gym-essential, becoming a popular piece of urban menswear which is now available in all kinds of dapper designs and smart colourways. Pair up with a nice hoodie or jumper to keep things really cosy this Valentine’s Day.