dynamic hot yoga

The Heat Is On

Dynamic Hot Yoga….Here is where you feel the burn! dynamic hot yoga

I have been going to DYNAMIC HOT YOGA for many years now, also partaking in the
occasional different style of class elsewhere, such as ‘Vinyasa’ and ‘Bikram’ and then training as a teacher in ‘Absolute Hot Yoga’ in Thailand. So, it can be said I am a huge fan of yoga. DYNAMIC HOT YOGA is a class I always return to.

Based in Hove, DHY, (DYNAMIC HOT YOGA), is held in a beautiful light filled studio on the top floor of the Dubarry building, right by Hove station. Classes are held early mornings and evenings, giving commuters a good chance to make it to one of these classes too, which for me was an added bonus when I would traipse to London daily.

Recently the studio has upped its game with a new owner, (Aftab), and some more teachers getting on board the DHY train.

With an entrepreneur’s brain and sportsman physique, Aftab became a professional MMA athlete in 2013 and turned pro in Muay Thai in 2015. He makes the perfect advert for the benefits that DYNAMIC HOT YOGA offers, finding the practice has improved his nerve flow and given him faster reflexes. The breathing practice involved in DHY has enabled him to feel more relaxed and much quicker. Can’t be bad!

So, let’s go back to the ‘breathing practice’ I mentioned. As humans we very rarely use our breathing properly. The stresses and strains of life, make us naturally take short, sharp breaths. From the very first class you take, Dynamic Hot Yoga teaches the vital importance of being conscious of every breath, and works with your breathing technique to powerfully develop the body in a safe and effective way.

Dynamic Hot Yoga

Every class provides an impressive, effective workout that utilizes sports science to produce progress you can see in the mirrored walls of the studio. From simple weight loss to professional training for a world triathlon championship, (there are some serious sports people that attend the classes), it also gives great benefits to sports injuries, troubled backs and general aches and pains. The heat in the room, along with the breathing is a great benefit to enable the body to stretch just that little bit more.

For myself and the many friends that have joined these classes, it has increased our strength, flexibility and stamina and seeing lean muscle appear and calories burned is a great incentive to keep going. It feels as if all the toxins of the day are sweated right out!

All the teachers are trained in working with complete beginners to the more advanced. Egos are left at the door and everyone is encouraged to work to their own ability.

There is no ‘show-off ‘culture here and you will leave exhausted, glowing, sweaty and sleep like a baby.

TEL: 01273 707777
Top Floor, Unit 9
Hove Business Centre
off Fonthill Rd, Hove
East Sussex  BN3 6HA