The Key Reasons Why King Post Walls are a Viable Choice for Any Retaining Wall Project

The Key Reasons Why King Post Walls are a Viable Choice for Any Retaining Wall Project

The king post wall is already a common sight along major motorways and other zones and places, and they have served to be one of the most effective barriers and wall systems for use in various areas for years. You can choose to have a king post wall system on a temporary or permanent basis, and this very flexibility already contributes to its popularity. What’s more, it’s a more affordable alternative to other building choices and wall options, and it isn’t that difficult or complex to install. Most everyone agrees that a king post wall system can be an ideal choice for your property’s walls or your particular project.

But what are the other factors that make king post walls a viable choice? Here are the key reasons for its popularity and effectiveness.

·      A proper alternative with the use of various in-fill materials

One main reason why king post walls are often used is when the ground is difficult to drill into, especially when you have to deal with hard rock. If you cannot penetrate the ground with sheet piles, it’s much better to use king post walls as you can drill the ground, install posts along the intervals and centres, and simply in-fill the spaces horizontally with a system for lining panels.

The in-fill materials you can use for your king post retaining wall include precast concrete, which you can customise according to the precise sizes you need. You can also opt for architectural precast concrete to suit the finish you desire. Alternatively, you can fill the centres with steel sheet piles, which are not as heavy as concrete panelling, and you can extract them for future reuse. Another option would be to use timber in between the centres of the posts.

Once you have had the panels installed, you can use cladding on them as well, and you can choose from various cladding materials such as stone, brick, or even plastic. Some property owners even opt for coloured glass as cladding to fit with their property’s theme. But amongst all these in-fill materials, precast concrete is the most in-demand due to its strength and affordability.

·      Various applications

Whilst king post walls are most popular for use as retaining walls, particularly for defence and protection from floods and for retaining a property’s or area’s embankments, you can also use king post walls for basements or cellars. What makes king post walls better than other wall solutions is that you can use them when the ground is too hard or rocky.

·      A fast and cost-effective option

Another major reason why king post walls are chosen for many projects is that it offers a fast and cost-effective option for installation. The solution is also versatile, and you can easily adapt it to whatever application or system you require.

King post walls are also suitable for construction within tight borders or boundaries, and you can construct them against an existing building or structure without any worry about damage or deflection to the current structure. Furthermore, king post walls are easily constructed even from a low-level platform, so you can save on the costs related to building up a higher platform level, particularly if you need to construct contiguous walls.

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