The Legendary Magician returns to the Brighton Fringe

The Legendary Magician returns to the Brighton Fringe

The Great Baldini (Emperor of Illusion, Prince of Prestidigitation, Maharajah of Mystery) returns to the Brighton Fringe for the second year in a row with his new magic show..

‘The Great Baldini’ is a magical superstar, a relict of the music halls and a theatrical performer of the old school.  In ‘A Magicians’ Journey’  he tells the story of his life, from his first magic show at the age of 12, to his career pinnacle where he braves ‘The Curtain of Death’ before your very eyes.

‘A Magicians’ Journey’ and the persona of ‘The Great Baldini’ were created by David Hoare as a follow-up to his 2022 Brighton Fringe tour-de-force ‘Dirty Tricks’.

David Hoare (aka ‘The Great Baldini’) said: “Preparing ‘Magician’s Journey’ for the Brighton Fringe during these bizarre times has been a comfort and a joy. It’s a hugely silly, fun and colourful magic show and working on it has helped me (arguably) retain my sanity.”

‘A Magician’s Journey’ takes the audience on a Magical roller-coaster of stunning illusions, hilarious audience interaction with a finale that has to be seen to be believed.

‘The Great Baldini’ is a member of the Magic Circle and an award-winning member of both Bristol Society of Magic and Wessex Magical Association. ‘Front Row’ (BBC Radio 4) has turned to him as a spokesman of the Magic Community during the crises of the last two years. He has performed ‘on-air’ interactive magic (described by Kirsty Lang as ‘Incredible’) for 200,000 radio listeners, and which was repeated on ‘Pick of the Week’ (BBC Radio 4).

“Incredible” (Front Row, BBC Radio 4)
“Wonderful, a joy” (Pick of the Week, BBC Radio 4)
“Charming, engaging and charismatic. A pleasure.” (FringeReview)
“A seasoned professional, with excellent command of the stage.” (Broadway Baby)

After appearing at Brighton Fringe, Baldini will be performing at the Ludlow Fringe, the Shaftesbury Fringe and the Edinburgh Fringe before undertaking a national tour in the autumn of 2022.

‘A Magician’s Journey’ By the Great Baldini

VENUE:  Laughing Horse @ The Quadrant, 12-13 North Street, BN1 3GJ


·      Monday 30th May – Wednesday 1st June : 18:00-18:50

·      Thursday 2nd June – Sunday 5th June : 12:15-13:05


·      £7.50 (£5 concessions)

·      available at Brighton Fringe Box Office


·      01273 917 272