The Most Dangerous Man In Brighton

The Most Dangerous Man In Brighton

The Most Dangerous Man in Brighton is the new crime fiction novel by Sussex author, Martin Webb, and it’s turned out to be something of a summer hit, racking up over a thousand sales in its first month.

It’s a roller coaster ride through the darker, seedier side of Brighton’s underworld and follows the attempts of the hapless hero, Buster Brett, to escape the clutches a ruthless local crime boss, from whom he’s inadvertently stolen a million pounds. With a bunch of tooled-up heavies hot on his heels and only a con artist and his old stoner school friend to help him out, his chances of staying alive don’t look good. It’s a tale of redemption and doing the right thing with most of the action set in familiar scenes in Brighton and Hove.

It’s the perfect book for poolside reading this summer and the frequent plot twists and turns mean you’re unlikely to want to put it down. With some healthy doses of humour laced into the rapidly moving plot, it’s a fun, easy-going read that’s a slice of guaranteed escapism this holiday season.

Martin Webb is well placed to write this novel, having previously run a chain of nightclubs in the city. His current role as a Special Sergeant for Sussex Police means that he’s been able to capture the colourful dialogue of the streets of Brighton and create some really memorable characters. Martin is also well known as the presenter of Channel 4’s Risking It All show and as a columnist for The Telegraph.

Sunday Times best-selling author, Graham Bartlett, had this to say about the book ‘A white-hot pacy thriller which will have you gunning for the reluctant fugitive Buster as he draws on skills and ingenuity, he never knew he had to outwit The Most Dangerous Man in Brighton, survive and bring down his empire. Martin Webb is a refreshing and welcome new voice in Crime Fiction.’

The Most Dangerous Man In Brighton is available to buy on Amazon, as well as City Books, Waterstones and The Kemptown Bookshop in Brighton. For further information, check out