The Most Fashionable Destinations to Visit in 2019

The Most Fashionable Destinations to Visit in 2019

With 2019 just around the corner it’s time to start shaping up your travel itinerary for the year ahead. There are a number of trendy, emerging destinations that will be a hive of interesting activity in the year ahead. Rather than opting for the usual oversaturated tourist traps, follow the tastemakers and go somewhere truly unique. Read on to find out the most fashionable destinations to visit in 2019.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan

With Central Asia rising fast on people’s travel bucket lists in the last few years, the gorgeous and ancient city of Samarkand is finally getting its moment in the sun. The city’s cultural resonance is magnetic, having long been evocative of the mysteries of the Silk Road – per, immortalized by western poets and artists for centuries.  The oldest inhabited city in Central Asia is full of intriguing bazaars and gorgeous tiled mosques and temples for you to explore. Visa restrictions have also just been relaxed for westerners, making now the best time to book.

The Peloponnese, Greece

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the wonders of Greece are somewhat out of vogue these days. However, a resurgent cultural interest in Ancient Greece among the tastemaking set has fuelled a fresh interest in the most historically interesting of the Greek island, Peloponnese. The surge in bookings comes amid a frenzied interest in Ancient Greek culture, with films, books, and even hugely popular online slot games like Age of the Gods, at, all helping feed this new craze. Home to Hippocrates and former Spartan fortresses, this island is perfect for those seeking a real slice of Ancient Greece. Make sure to take a tour of vineyards that have been producing wine since the days of the Greek Gods.

Gothenburg, Sweden

In case you hadn’t heard, Sweden is now officially in. The upper-class fashion magazine Tatler recently described the country as the most fashionable place on to see and be seen in 2019. This doesn’t mean decamping in overcrowded Stockholm. Instead, opt for Sweden’s edgy, grimy, and fashion-conscious second city of Gothenburg. Once you’ve finished exploring the hipster boutiques which line the Mojorna neighborhood, head to the old docks to dance the night away at one of the frequent warehouse raves.

Seattle, USA

Seattle is a city on the up. The original home of Starbucks has long been a magnet for trendy countercultures, but these days the city is undergoing its most extensive transformation yet. The Pike Place Market has just finished a multi-million dollar facelift, turning it into one of the coolest foodie spots in the whole world. Meanwhile, the newly-opened Nordic Museum in the heart of Seattle’s uber-hip Scandinavian Quarter is a cultural behemoth which is already generating some serious buzz. The creative energy of the city can be felt in every corner, so make sure to book your trip here before the floods of tourists inevitably come.

Travel is all about the experiences on offer, and with these destinations, you won’t be disappointed. Book now for 2019 you won’t forget.