The Most Uplifting Movies of All Time

The best part about movies is that you can find joy amidst all the sadness that you feel. Also they are a great way to help get up and keep going. Lastly, movies are also great way to relieve stress like online casino games at casinos such as americancasinosites casino online. And on those days when you are feeling blue and feel like giving up, we have a few of the most uplifting movies of all time that will help to you see that tomorrow will be a better day.

The Pursuit Of Happyness, 2006
The Pursuit of Happyness is one of the most uplifting movies of all time. In this movie we see Will Smith alongside his son Jaden Smith as they make lemonade out the lemons that life gives them. We see Smith who plays Chris Gardner as he works hours on end to achieve the dream life for him and his son.

This movie will teach you to never give up and will help you to see that there really is a silver lining on ever cloud.

Shawshank Redemption, 1966
In Shawshank Redemption we get to see just how much one will do to get out his predicament. How far can you go to get out of the gloomy days and live a life that you deserve?

In this movie we see Andy Dufresne dig his way out of prison with a rock hammer, and it takes him 19 years to do so. As he does escapes, he makes the prison warden (who destroyed all the evidence of Dufresne innocence) pay for his crime in way that will leave shocked. To enjoy this movie, if you are a fan of online casino South Africa games, maybe you can take a break and give this movie your full attention.

Mulan, 1998
For the children one of the most uplifting movies is Mulan. In this movie we see Mulan going against all odds and does everything that people said that she couldn’t do.

This movie will teach you to be true to who you are and nonmatter what happens you need to work to achieve your dreams and you gaols. Nonmatter what is in your way you need know that you can do the impossible, even when no one thinks that you can.