The Moulettes

The Moulettes Interview: The Rose Hill Tavern

The Moulettes are a Brighton based band that formed in 2002 in Glastonbury, the multi-instrumentalist band cover a several genres including rock/pop/folk and many more. Since their formation over ten years ago, the group have played a multitude of different festivals from Bestival to End Of The World  to Green Man and have gained a large fan base along the road.

On May 27th The Moulettes released their highly anticipated new album- ‘Preternatural’ after returning to their Brighton roots to work on an interesting new project. The Rose Hill Tavern used to be a pub before it was closed down, but recently has been bought by founder of the Art Collective,  Beatabet.

The space is now being used a community arts hub and will have a recording space for artists to use. Beatabet is close friends with The Moulettes, who are first to have residency in the space where the practising for the new album ‘Preternatural’ took place.

The Rose Hill Tavern
The Rose Hill Tavern after it shut its doors.

A number of secret gigs and events are taking place at the venue and the venue is great news for the creative candidates of the Brighton community.

The Moulettes are: Hannah Miller (Cello, vocals, guitar) Ollie Austin (Drums, guitar, piano, vocals) Ruth Skipper (Bassoon, vocals, autoharp, synths) Jim Mortimore (Double bass, Guitar, vocals) Raevennan Husbandes (Electric Guitar, Vocals, Percussion)

The Interview

How did you find out about the Rose Hill Tavern?

Our good friends have taken over the space- and they are the perfect people to do so – both of them are really creative, talented musicians involved in many projects (Bunty, Le Juki, Beatabet, Resonators, Small Gods) so it very exciting that they will be orchestrating this new Arts Hub in Brighton. We were lucky we knew the right people, but it’s a great community project.

Can you give me some information about the current status of the Rose Hill Tavern? I’ve heard it’s going to be used as a public recording studio, can you tell me a bit about that?

It’s being run as a not for profit space to support adventurous music, performance and art, and the basement is about to be developed into music and art studios.

How is the recording studio update being funded?

The recording studio is a bit of a catch 22. It’s been funding through the money made from holding it events there, so the more events that are held the better the refurbishment will be. More reason to  get down there!

For your secret gigs, It might sound like an obvious question but how are you expecting people to know where to go/ find out about your gigs at the Rose Hill?

You can keep an eye on the Rose Hill Facebook page, for any Moulettes secret gigs…normal channels-  secret messages on walls, post it notes under tables, carrier pigeons.

What can people expect at your upcoming show at Resident Records ? What do you expect?

We are just embarking on a tour of independent record stores in the U.K- from Spillers in Cardiff (“oldest record shop in the world”) Truck Records, Union in Lewes, Rough Trade West in London, and the wonderful Resident Records in Brighton. (7th June 6.30 pm)  We wanted to celebrate the indie Record shops- they are a temple to the recorded album! It seems natural to go and play there. We will be doing a stripped back acoustic versions of new songs from the album, Preternatural. (released Friday 27th May)

You can find more about The Moulettes and their upcoming shows here.